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Cold Hands

I have very poor circulation in my hands, causing them to turn icy cold more often than not. I have looked everywhere for a warm cream and only found products such as 'Deep Heat Muscle Rub', which is mainly for pain.

I also found 'ThermoMax Warm Cream'; an American product for which I'm currently awaiting a reply from an seller as to whether it can be shipped to the UK.

Does anyone know of anything that will help circulation or anything I can use, other than things like gloves that will restrict my sense of touch.

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hi i went to see my gp as my hands and feet are always cold and go the most lovely shades of purple and blue even on hot days and i was told i had carpal tunnel which is another delight og fibro but she put me on apepeidine tablets to help open up the vesels and get more blood pumping round your system x

perhaps you need to go to see your gp and just mention the carpal tunnel and have a look at it on google x love diddle x


Or you may have raynaud's phenomenon? Do they really hurt when they warm up and do they go white with cold?

Yes Diddle I have been told I may have carpel syndrome but that is more numb and tingling in you hands.

Dam this fibro.

Hugs xxxxxxx


Oh know, another thing to worry about. My feet have recently started getting really cold. They are like Ice, while the rest of me (in the middle of a heat flush) am sweating for England. My hand do not get cold, they just tingle.

God bless woolly bed socks.


There are hand warmers you can get, they are made for golfers to warm, their hands while playing in cold weather, but thats their fault for going out to play a silly game in bad weather. I have look online and there are a number advertised, Amazon have them, I know you won't want to always wear gloves but they may help !!


hi, see your gp, my hands an feet are always cold an blue/purple, have been told its raynauds so prescribed nifedipine, it does help a bit, also have carpel tunnel, had right hand done, left still waiting for it to get really bad, it just stops the deadness an tingling, had it done as day surgery ubder local anesthetic, glad to say it didnt hurt :-) an its a lot better xx


I have the same thing too, I use gingko bilboa and wear gloves a lot of the time...ginger tea helps too (",)


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