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Bloody Hands!!

This is more of a rant than a question to be honest lol!

Having an average day pain wise, not too good but not too bad either but my hands ggrr!! I feel ready to chop them off! Swollen, numb, pins and needles and sharp shooting pains all down my arms! Had them wrapped up in supports on and off all day, the pressure of the supports dull the pain slightly so I can use my hands for a short space of time but cant do little things with my fingers like open a bag of crisps and havent even been able to brush my hair! Can just about type as I have found a way to support my wrists on the laptop that eases the pain slightly but am a lot slower than usual.

So fed up with everything lately, if its not one thing its another!

Rant over for now lol!


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I wonder if it is the changable, humid weather ... loads of us seem to be having a bad patch at the moment?

((((( gentle hugs )))))

Julie xx


i really think it does get worse with the weather changes, in my area we have gone from boiling hot sun to cold and damp or rain and the pains i am having seem slightly different to normal, very strange!

gentle hugs back to you julie



hi .. sorry to make you yawn but if this is new check it out with the GP just in case ..

have you changed things you done with your hands such as a craft or lifting writing ?

I have bought wrist supports i wear on occations you can get some with thumbs or with out xx

gentle dyslexic hugs


Feel free to rant Hjones, sometimes it helps doesn't it. I do feel for you, I have problems with my hands too. I find if my hands are warm they function better, but when they are cold they can be a nightmare. I even wear fingerless thermal gloves in the house sometimes, they are such a help.

Are you sure it's Fibromyalgia causing this pain with your hands, it could be Arthritis maybe, the symptoms are similar. Perhaps it might be worth having a chat with your GP to see what they think. Arthritis isn't always about spotting a nobbly knuckle, it can be more pain related depending on whether Rheumatoid Arthritis or Osteoarthritis. It might be worth checking just to rule it out maybe.

I hope you feel more comfy tomorrow, take care.


hi everyone, yes my handds arms are in agony last 3weeks, i wonder if its the humidity or is it our friend arther---ritis lol..trouble is mine are much the same in the cold so who knows, doc just passes everything off as fibromyalgia, must admit in 8yrs i have never known them to be this debilitating, my legs as well, so warm hugs and a smile to all you lovely fibro friends. and as usual i can't sleep so i am having a gripe night night . 2moro is always fresh to start again, tc love soma x


My hands were the first thing that started to go, and they're still one of my worst problems. I bought some Imak arthritis gloves from Amazon, with the fingertips out, and they help, but I'm still having to put wrist braces over them at times just to be able to function, especially when driving.

Just need similar for my blasted feet, now! ;) xx


Hi all, thanks for your replies.

This isn't a new problem but it does seen to be worse over the last week which is just typical as I go back to work tonight after 4 weeks off which is going to be tough as I have to use my hands on the checkouts!

I have seen a rheumatoid arthritis specialist and she is very confident I don't have arthritis but I'm not convinced as the pain I have sounds so similar to arthritis.

I'm just having to use wrist supports at the moment as the pressure on my wrists seems to helps enough to do gentle tasks. Had to get my daughter to brush my hair as I've not been able to do it - bearing in mind my daughter is 6 so you can imagine what I looked like! Work will be mega tough tonight and I am dreading the amount of pain and discomfort I am going to be in tomorrow :-(


Managed to get an appointment to see one of the only 2 decent doctors in my surgery for today which is a miricale! usually at least a week wait to see this doctor! i feel daft going to the doctors all the time but i want every little thing noted down in my file so at least if i do get to the stage where i have to reduce my hours in work or even give up work all together i have enough in my file to show im not doing anything just on a whim, i hate the thought of having to rely on benefits to keep me going but right now i dont think i can carry on work much longer :-(


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