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Wishful thinking or does it happen ????

Well we all know that we get days when we dont

feel as bad as others and every one has flares

and we all get them at differient times, some times

its maybe every few weeks and it lasts for a week

some peoples are longer or shorter.

But does anyone know someone who maybe has

had fibro and then if has just gone or is this wishful


How wonderful to think it might go, and it would be

great to think that it might just happen.

I wonder if maybe years ago people who said that

the weathers going to be bad tomorrow because

my rheumatism is playing me up, in fact had fibro.

I expect you may all think that I am day dreaming

to think that fibro may just go, nice dream to be

back to normal what ever normal is.

love viv

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Hi Vivien,

I had a really "good" period last year and i really did dare to think...... " has IT gone"! Well how dare I be so complacent.... a day or so later I was as bad as ever!!!

So yes it's nice to dream!!!

Soft hugs x x Sue


Hi Vivien, Gentle hugs,

As I've never heard - yet - of Fibro just "going away" and as there is no actual cure for it - we are stuck with it! If you read my blog page that has a "Letter From Fibromyalgia" there, I'll let fibro tell you "HIS" - yes I said HIS - story!

Carol x


And having a doctor who understands and believes you ...


My Fibro is largely in remission and has been for 2 1/2 years. It certainly hasn't gone though. In that time I have had a few flares. I also need to do physiotherapy, stretches and stress management and get regular myofascial release to stay that way.

Identifying everything that is going on is certainly key. Ironically, the worst you are, the harder it is to pinpoint symptoms. But if you can work out every issue you have, you can work to manage that and then see the results.


wishful thinking I think !!! sorry :-)


My examining Esa doctor said a few weeks ago that fibromyalgia goes away, and can last a few weeks just, I couldn't call her a liar, but I'd love to have been able to tell her I thought she was talking rubbish.


Thats the problem clairebm, most Doctors dont understand

the condition, I am sure that they like to think we are all nerotic, I would

like to read my notes to see what mine puts about me, (no maybe

I am better not Knowing)

I expect mine says that I am paranoid nerotic and depressed

maybe a bit mental as well.

Love Viv


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