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HOW DOES IT WORK ?????????

I cannot understand how the DLA board works ??? can you ???

i am not being horrible but i have been on this site a few months i read the blogs as you all do we all seem to have the same symptons and strugglwe with the same things as we all have FIBROMYALGIA and alot of us have other things that go along with that .

so why is it some of us get DLA at all different rates ? and some of us are point blank refused time and time again?

i have just put claim in last thursday and dont hold out much hope of getting it and am expecting to appeal but if that fails will leave it a good year before i claim again

But the thing i DONT get iis (and i doint mean any offence to anyone . and anyone who gets it good for them and well done ) but if i was blind or deaf i would get it everyone seems to get it whatever path of blindnesss they are have so why is it not the same for us fibro sufferes we all suffer the same it is up and down as we know but most of the time we all have the symptons and are in pain

Am i wrong ? or is there some sort of different rule for fibro sufferers ?

love to you diddle x

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hi hunny

me to but was told by dial that they are reffusing everyone and you have to apeal what they say

i put mine in about 8 weeks ago and still hanging on and now i will have to apeal and i think a lot goes on your doctor and also what hapend at your esa apeal

as have been told that sometimes the dla will use the medical from esa but don't now how true that is

some people get a no in 3/4 weeks but still waiting and think alot got to do with your own doctor aswell but hay cross fingers and don't forget if they say no apeal against it

we all must keep fighting for what we need i know it is hard and we are all fighting just to get up in the morning but we must push eachother to fight

don't let the sory for this but don't let the bastards grind us down just smile :)

and apeal just smile :) and fight we are all hear to help each other

smile :) and say you whant beet us we will win in the end

we are the FIBRO ARMY and most of us are womem and we don't let the kidds win or the partner win so why let the paper pushers win sory for rant soft hugs and fingers crossed and everythink that will cross


The DLA board is one of the worlds unexplained mysteries. I don't think that anyone will ever understand it and the red tape is so thick, knotted and tangled that it will never be unraveled. It has been reported that even Blind people are getting refused help these days so work that one out if you can. I am on low rate personal care but this is for the arthritis in my hands not a penny for my other problems caused by the fibro. A few years ago I asked my MP to find out why fibro was not being fully recognised by DLA and even he only got the usual "we do recognise fibromyalgia" and treat all cases with the same respect as other illnesses, which we all know is a load of rubbish. So I think this is going to go down in history as one of the unsolved mysteries of our time. Soft hugs xx


SapphireStanton said "For instance how far can you walk before you are in severe discomfort

Good luck diddle xxx ... you can't because you are ALWAYS in severe discomfort. "

When I put on my form that I was always in severe discomfort regardless of walking or not I only got LRM but after looking more closely at the criteria I realised that the actual physical act of walking has to cause severe pain and/or severe discomfort. I appealed the decision and clarified the statement on my form by saying that while I was in constant severe pain & severe discomfort the physical act of walking increased that severe pain/discomfort - I was awarded HRM at the reconsideration stage of the appeal process.


Good wording there Lima6MCT...have taken note for my Atos med in a few weeks time.


Jan h xx


There are certain words they look for in forms. there is a website with them ... i don't know it will ask manga to let you know.

Also if you do not appeal it goes against you..

Its all in how you fill the form in. you need to fill it in thinking about the worst days AS IF THEY ARE EVERYDAY.

Also it is not about the name of the condition but effects the person individually...

For instance how far can you walk before you are in severe discomfort

Good luck diddle xxx ... you can't because you are ALWAYS in severe discomfort.

For care questions it isn't the care that you receive. it is the care you need whether you receive it or not


I am unsure as to whether they contacted my doctor when I applied but I got a quick refusal for my application, my GP once said to me when I said I have fibromyalgia "its only what you tell me" errrrr does he not know that the trigger point test proves it and I have them all - and before I registered with him I was diagnosed by Rheumatology in Merseyside Hospital!!!! geeeeee its as though they think we are all lying as its invisible - gee if they had it bet they would get DLA straight away!

as for the DLA system I just think they are trained to try and turn all applications down if they can, and for fibromyalgia it is so hard to put into word on a dla form exactly how the condition affects you they can decide a negative result easier! but contact the Fibromyalgia Association and they will help you fill in the DLA form, i am ploughing thru pages n pages of info about filling in the form correctly! good luck to you! x dont give up - at the moment I have had a horrendous flare up for a week and it wont go! the pain is agonising...... :(


Hi I totally agree with you about them automatically turning claims down, when I claimed last year they did just that. The letter they sent declining me was just a load of dangly things!!! They said that I told them that I could walk a long distance (which i can not thats why i have a scooter now) also said I told them that I slept well (if only i actually told them i'm lucky to get a couple of hours!!!) So I sent them a really strong worded letter back highlighting what they said I could do and what I really said. Upshot was they rang and asked if I wanted to appeal, or wether I wanted them to look at my claim again. I said look at it again, they then sent one of their drs to see me. It worked, I get the higher rates in both areas!!

Prob is now they want me to claim again, thought I'd just have to sign a form declaring that my condition hadn't improved. So bring it on DLA I AM WORSE and I will not improve.

Hope it settles down for you soon

Take care xx


While I read and listen to what is being said,I have another thought the people looking at your claim could have went to work on the day after a fight at home or hung over feel down right bad and as they look they say Ah no not getting today from me why should they.


Both times I applied for DLA the DWP didn't use any reports from my GP before making their decisions so with the help of the CAB I used that fact as one of the reasons to appeal. Once the appeals were sent in I made appointments with my GP to discuss my claim with her - fortunately on both occasions I managed to time it so she had the report forms in my file so we went over everything together.

On the first occasion I was originally turned down then got LRC/LRM on reconsideration (I thought it should be higher but decided to wait until renewal after 2 years just in case I lost what they gave me). On renewal I got LRC/LRM again but appealed and got HRC/HRM on reconsideration.

Perhaps I should also say that as well as FM I also have arthritis in my hips, fingers and throughout my spine.


I totally agree ,just got turned down again on appeal.:((((((


This is why i won't even bother trying it's a disgrace and way too stressful!! I really hope you get something sorted though Love Della xxx


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