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Try to make time for you !!!

Try to make time for you !!!

I know sometimes it is difficult but try to spend an hour relaxing doing something you really enjoy!

Taking this time not only might lift your spirits, it helps reduce stress.

Stress in known to exacerbate Fibromyalgia and relaxation may help alleviate some of the symptoms in conjunction with a combination approach (medications, pacing, gentle exercise etc)

Do something different or something you find therapeutic!

Try Progressive Muscle Relaxation maybe, see link below:


Or listen to some relaxation sessions on the internet maybe?

I use this one sometimes, but it's all down to personal preference

All these techniques may be of help and using various lifestyle adaptations can be part of managing the symptoms you experience. See link below;


I would like to hear what you have decided to do in your hour, that you are going to have, just for you !! No interruptions!!

For the ladies paint your nails, have a foot spa, use a bowl of hot water to have a mini steam facial !!

For the guys, watch Top Gear, read a book, play computer games (sorry just some suggestions of the top of my head)

Whatever it is, I look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you well


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I listen to relaxation at night on my ipad great while my night meds kick in .. In the day I have to admit to singing with people online on a game called rockband.. I get to chat to people from round the world of all ages then we have fun performing as a band each in our own houses.

VG x


hi Mdaisy

A nice latte and the paper is my chill time, fortunately this week is very busy with Grandkids including sleepovers, i tend to have me time about 11 at night but think i may have to fit it in earlier as a, bit tired and its only monday.

2 year old Grandson overnight til 6 tomorrow eve might have chill time while he naps (hopefully) oh well they say kids keep you young hmmm do they mean you need as much sleep as they do ? ha ha

5 & 8 yr old Grangirls here today til 6 30 as parents at work , so off to sort the dressing uo clothes out and put on hangers , none my size ;)

onwards and upwards hmmm do i really have to get out of my chair ? oh ok then

take care xx


Doing my nails is my favourite 'me' time.

My daughter and I also sit 'end to end' on the sofa, painting each others' toenails. I wouldn't be able to do mine, otherwise!

Every night when I go to bed, I practice the Progressive Muscle Relaxation' as described by Mdaisy, and I can really recommend it, it helps so much with both pain and insomnia.

Oh, and surprisingly enough, I don't mind doing the dishes - the hot water, even though I wear gloves, is very soothing to my hands, and if I listen to the radio at the same time, I get really relaxed!

Moffy x


i love doing my nails too but can only do my fingernailsas for some reason my feet seem to get further away ,hmmm not sure what thats all about i am the same height and as 1 leg is shortrer surely i should be able to at least reach one foot.

anyway , i ahd been biting my nails for over 50 years but stopped last year so i am going thro teenage phase of testing different colours if i don't like a colour i give it to my teenage Grangirl do i get a star for recycling Moffy ? ha ha

Jacqui xx


If money was no option I'd go for a lovely relaxing reflexology treatment. In reality I'm more likely to soak in a nice hot bath and try to treat myself but it's not nearly as relaxing or comfortable, especially the times I can't reach my feet! I use the progressive muscle relaxation and self-hypnosis apps to help me drift of sometimes. Trouble is, when I'm at my worse, I forget all about them. Own worse enemy!


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