ive noticed a few blogs /questions by members having trouble with joints, walking etc Who sees an orthotics consultant? I see a great guy Mr Jonathon Tebutt a consultant working in Wales he makes bespoke calipers and a whole range of orthoses for me including special shoes using casts of my legs and feet . They really can help with dodgy wrists and problems walking and mean i can escape my wheelchair for a time or have the strength to lift a kettle . I dont think people really know whats out there in terms of physical orthosis support . I would so suggest if you think you could be helped by these aids that you get your GP to look into it for you xx

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  • I go to orthotics I have special moulded to measure insoles... My rheumy sent me there and he contacted social services who got me a lot of aids for the house and a rail so I can get into the back garden ....

    VG x

  • I had a bad experience with orthotics, which I believe was the real start of going downhill.

    I was referred as they discovered that I had a leg.over an inch shorter than the other. I was given insteps for my shoes and had some of my own adapted. Although it sent me into.a flare I persevered. Believe I would get better. I think I was too old in my mid to late 30s.

    I now walk completely, even if I wasn't in pain. I have gone from having high arches to flat footed. I also walk on the other side of my heel.

  • I had some insoles made for me, and I really looked forward to them.

    Unfortunately they were so stiff, hard and bulky that they are unwearable. I bought some gel insoles from Boots in the end, and they are good, but awfully expensive. I wish I had something for my wrists as I am having more and more trouble lifting the kettle or even a teacup. I might ask my consultant if I can have something of this sort - it would make such a difference! :)

    Moffy x

  • Ah Moffy, a friend of mine has just had an ankle replacement , on Friday infact. back in October she went and had a mould made from her foot and then waited and waitedm then waited a bit more, then a lot more, The surgery rang her at the beginning of last week to say they were ready, to she picked them up on Tueday and had a full 48 hours before her surgery in which she could have worn them. They were SO bulky and so uncomfortable she hasn't been able to wear them.......from October to April.......that must surely be a record for the slowest production of orthotics.

    I am glad though if they help other people. Foggy x

  • My insoles were ready in two weeks ... They correct my foot back to perfect shape .. But my ankle is so bad I can't walk far enough to get the benefit... Ah well such is life ... I am sure if I had a new ankle. And new knee and a face lift and liposuction I would be a new woman... But knowing my luck they would get it all mixed up and I would come out a new man..... :D

  • Hi,

    I was referred to Podiatry by the Orthopaedic consultant and they made me some brilliant orthotics which have halved the pain in my feet. I am told now that all they will be able to do is try and maintain my feet at this level as long as possible.


  • I too waS SENT TO PODIATRY had a lovely pair insoles made when they wore out I got another they wore out and nothing no call back and I gave up as feet are so bad now as they are always bandageed bit of wast of time :( xgins

  • I have arthritis in the small bones of my feet,so rheumy sent me to pod.The results were not good and that Cornwall.

  • looks like its all about how good the consultant orthotic specialist is bit like neuro and rhumys are . Mine is fabulous and if something doesnt work, too bulky, painful etc he tries again perhaps we need a data base of good support physicians too :) x

  • Hi all

    I have been reading the posts re orthotics. I am sad to here of those of you that didn't get adequate care and attention for the orthotics you were prescribed. I have had orthotics as well and If they are not made from a good podiatrist who understands biomechanics and fibro it is no help. I am fortunate here in NZ we have great podiatrists and a lot of excellent options for choosing what type of orthotic we want to go with (material it is made of). Maybe you should all come to New Zealand and see a podiatrist here... :-)

  • I've had orthotics for 5yrs now. £110, and really hard, sore/stiff at the start. But prior to getting them my feet felt like they had been smashed with a baseball bat, the pain in my knees and hands was excrutiating. Then last yr I got shoes that the orthotics didn't fit in comfortably, so I didn't use them. I got the pains back within weeks, and was unable to go anywhere or do anything. Lesson learned. I need to put the orthotics on as soon as I get up, and I'll be ok. Otherwise pain, pain and more pain. Best lessons are the sorest ones!!

  • littlefire is quite right i feel i must be very lucky here in Wales Uk my orthotics consultant is also a Dr and i get amazing help , care and results i wish it was so for others x

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