Temporary Sleep Aid

I once sought psychological comfort for this depressing disorder and told them that getting to sleep was difficult for me. I'm not too fond of a lot of meds and especially sleep aids so it was suggested that I try benadryl, it works and to continue its effectiveness I alter the dosage from week to week hoping that it will continue to be effective at helping me get some sleep...otherwise I'm a night owl. I also drink something warm and caffeine free it helps me but that doesn't mean it will help anyone else. I just wanted to share my remedy for some of those sleepless nights we deal with, it can be difficult knowing that other people under the same roof are able to go right to sleep, it can be down right disturbing and make one envious. I'm considering trying another OTC remedy if it works I will definitely share the experience with my fellow fibromites.

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  • Thanks for the thought. I might just give that a go. We can only but try.

    I think I will get up & try a hot chocolate drink. Maybe it will help.

    I find the more I think about not sleeping I may be makin it harder for myself to actually fall over. It gets me so worked up.

    Thank you.


  • Is Benadryl that you mentioned for sleep, the cough medicine of the same name?

    I would do anything for even 1 whole night of sleep.

    I was asked for my address over the phone yesterday and i felt so------------ stupid as for a few seconds i couldn't remember it, and later same night i couldn't give my national insurance number either, brain fog or what!

    Gentle Hugs

    Bonnie Lass

  • Bonnielass you are thinking of Benalyn for coughs not Benadryl for hay fever. I hope painB4pain after hasn't confused the 2 as I'm off to the chemist later today!

  • hi i am glad you have found something to help you love diddle e x

  • Hello all! The over the counter tablets I mentioned are indeed Benadryl the same thing that's used for allergies, hey fever, and allergic reactions. I take a couple before getting into bed with my warm drink and they seem to help me even if I'm an early riser I can say that I've at least gotten some sleep. I hope if any of you try this idea that was suggested to me by a health professional it works for you like it does for me.

  • I've just found Sleep Aid by Herbalstore less than £2 for 60 tabs at UK Discount store, 1-2 tabs a night but I've found if I take 2 it feels like I've had a bottle of wine the next day, so it works out quite cheap. Still have trouble some nights but it really seems to help. Has a combination of hops, valerian and passion flower so no drugs yipee x

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