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Sleep zzzzzzzzzz

Off to the hospital tomorrow for an appointment with the Doctor and tests for sleep apnea. An hour bus journey because there is nowhere to park will be a test in its self. I haven't a clue what's going to happen or how long I am there for. The missus has to go with me because they have to ask her some questions about my sleep pattern. My GP said that if I have can get a decent nights sleep it might help with the pain I have in the morning. Does anyone know if the two are connected?

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i did a study a few months back through lancaster university called emote(everyday momentary observations of thoughts and emotions)basically wrote down at different times of the day how i was feeling etc,time i got up,had breakfast,went out door etc.i wore a actiwatch on my wrist which recorded my movements in bed,during the day/night.the result was basically that i got an average of 2.1 hrs sleep each night.when i got diagnosed with M.E. 6 yrs ago and fibromyalgia back in feb this year both consultants said similar things,basically my body isnt going into rem sleep and im not healing like i did when i was healthy(got 6 to 8 hrs sleep) hence why i am in pain 24/7 all over,headaches,ibs symptoms and constantly tired and fatigued 24/7,i am 44 going on 45 and feel 20 yrs older,hope this helps you.


If i forget to wear my actiwatch and leave it on my desk will it display that im asleep?


i kept the watch on for the whole study,im not sure what happens if you take it off.



I take it that you snore? That's the reason why they ask your partner to go along too. I have severe Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and have been using a CPAP Machine and mask since January. Sadly to say it hasn't made any differencebt my fibro, but I don't snore whilst using the machine, and also have a better nights sleep.

Most people after their first appt at the sleep clinic will have to go for a 'sleep over' at the hospital where you will be wired up and recorded whilst you sleep.

Then you will go back to see the specialist after he has reviewed the results,

There is nothing to worry about the first apt or the sleep over ( some hospitals give you a machine you wan wear all, night at home.)

It was discovered that I stopped breathing 63 times per hour whilst sleeping and my oxygen levels were very low.

The CPAP machine has bought the readings right down to a normal level.

If anyone is given the opportunity to be tested for Obstructive sleep apnoea I recommend it. Having the condition is putting extra strain on your heart and could lead to a stroke or heart disease. The mask I have to wear at night isn't very pleasant, but I have found the most comfortable now after trying many! Its a new style made by Philips Respironics and it has really helped. But dealing with all this, having fibro and arthritis in my hips, and I'm only just 59, has been very hard for me to cope with. Living with pain daily has dragged me down so low I can't get much lower but thankfully I have an understanding doctor.

Good luck at the appt, hope it goes well. Keep us updated. Do also look up Obstrustrive Spleap Apnoea online. There are many sites, but largely in USA, but there are plenty of uk ones that are extremely helpful. If you need any further info just post on here and I'll get back to you.

There are a few of us on here who have OSA and are using CPAP machines, butif you need a specialist forum I can recommend one.

I do wonder if there is a connection to obstructive sleep apnoea and fibromyalgia, but my sleep consultant said there hasn't been any significant research done into it as yet.

If your muscles are being starved of oxygen whilst you sleep, which they will be if you repeatedly stop sleeping, you never actually go into adeep sleep, yor muscles can't recover from the previously day's work/exercise, so it's not surprising we are in so much pain,

It would be so good if rheumatolagists would work alongside sleep consultants and make sure the tests for OSA were done at the same time as ruling out other problems before they diagnose FMS. It would be interesting to see the results.

Everyone snores at some point in their life... I have snored since I was a child, but it's the pattern ofbsnoring that they will be looking at. My husband thought I just stopped snoring where he heard breaks in my snoring, but in fact what he was hearing... Or not, as the case may be, was that I was actually stopping breathing.

If anyone is worried about this get someone to record you snoring if possible. Most phones have a record facility, and believe me, it's very useful to have this when you see the sleep specialist,

I hope it turns out that you haven't got. OSA , but it's certainly work getting checked out xx


I didn't get to the appointment woke up feeling like someone was banging a drum in my head after another restless night. Appointments are hard to get to when you have a thumping headache and pains in your joints. So had to rebook, hope it don't take too long.

Anyway today hasn't been too bad managed to re-pot some tomato plants before the rain came down..


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