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Can't sleep!

I've not been able to sleep properly since december. I used to take my meds and zonk out within half an hour. Now I take them and still lie here wide awake. I usually get around 2 to 3 hours. Sometimes I don't sleep at all and end up getting up st 7am then nap through the day. I fight hard not too but I'm exhausted and I never exceed more than 2 hours. About once every week to ten days I will sleep a good ten hours through the night.

My doctor gave me some extra sleeping pills and upped the dose but they made no difference. I just felt sick and dizzy because I felt the meds trying to work but my brain just won't switch off. I kind of feel tired in my body but my brain is wide awake.

My doc has given up now and told me to exersice and get plenty of fresh air. Yeah right! I spend most of my time in my bedroom because I can't handle the stair's!

Any suggestions? I've tried amiltrypaline, also 2 members of the diazapam family. (Can't remember the names) I've tried over the counter meds. Tried listening to tranquil music, listened to sleep hypnotherapy, used scented oils that are meant to make me relax...I'm running out of ideas.

I would love to get into some sort of routine if possible. X

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Morning Miss boo I to have had not much sleep even with med,s like you I also fall asleep in the day. Have you try,ed some soft music in your room just on low sometimes it works for me.


I have...I downloaded some, did all the usual. Its pants isn't it. I know we can survive without much sleep but it does make things as lot harder!!!!! Like we don't have enough to deal with x


Too true rosewine and my daughter has just rang needs me to have the kids as needs to take here son for pre op appointment so no nap today wish me luck lol xx


Sorry miss boo said rosewine not miss boo dissy head me xx


Good luck! Lol I'm having a giddy day....just put orange juice in my coffee!!!! X


I am sorry to know about your sleeping problems. I can relate, I have not been sleeping well for the last 7 years. However, lately I am suddenly sleeping better, without any obvious reason. I also have been on amitriptyline for almost two years and stopped taking it 3 moths ago. I am surprised that the diazepam family of products did not work for you. They did the trick for me.

Still, I do have some minor suggestions that could help. During the day, change activities instead of taking a nap. I know it is difficult, but for few days or weeks , brake the pattern. Instead of a nap, organize one drawer, do a small shore, or go to buy the bread, (if you feel up to leaving the house), but postpone the nap until it becomes so late that is actually time for bed. Maybe you can manage to get more tired from doing small activities, that at the end of the day you can sleep better. Watching TV before going to sleep, could fuel the brain with images and thoughts. Music is better but some music also gets the brain working and thinking. Before going to bed, find something to do that is relaxing for you, not supposed to be relaxing for everyone. A friend of mine would find Acid Hard Rock relaxing. !!!!!. OR find something that is boring and puts you to sleep like I don't know, maybe watching a sport you don't like, or foreign TV that you can not understand. Or play solitaire.

I did something similar and it was a bit difficult at the beginning but it became easier quickly. and it helped.

Also, Think about the times that you actually can sleep better and try to find what was different that day.

Hoppe you get better



Good Morning miss_boo, I could have wrote your post it is identical to what I going though I have been like this for a year. i have had sleep studies done, and they say the cause is pain and RLS because every 20min I move my legs and feet and every 45min I reposition myself so after about 2 hours i wake up never reaching the deep heal sleep cycle thus my pain increases. My pain doctor agrees and he said until we fix the pain problem I will never get a normal nights sleep. like you after about 10 days I just pass out due to exhaustion and that what keep us alive because that's when we get the deep sleep we need. And like you nothing has worked for me so far.


Hi miss_boo

I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing sleep issues, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I am not sure that I can really advise anybody on sleeping as I have been an insomniac for most of my life!

I do believe though that we can get very wound up when we can't fall asleep and this just creates a vicious circle? So, I will wish you all the best with trying to find the answer.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I have trouble sleeping and take a 1mg alprazolam before bedtime. Hope this might help you sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi


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