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I cant believe it poor rach put on yesterday about itching and although nihave had it in the past have not had it for a while !!!!

well that was until i got up this morning and yep you guessed it i am itching all over the tops of my arms my sides it is really weird !

i wonder is it anything to do with the hayfever season ? jus a thought ni dont actually suffer from it myself but again my GP told me you can get that at anytime so i wondered if ther was a link to it if any of you suffer from that too?

would be interesting to see i will be putting some calamine lotion on me today so i will go out looking loike a snow man lol

love to you all diddle x

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I get hay fever too - and it came on suddenly a couple of years ago! I think because we are all thinking of her itching we are itching in sympathy!!! hope the calamine lotion works xxx


Morning diddle, I itch all over. I thought it was just down to having very dry skin, but reading on here it seems quite common for us "special" people with


Morning Diddle,

I actually spoke to my GP on Thursday about the fact I've been itching like a thing possessed for the past fortnight!! Slight bumpy rash on both arms from just below elbows to just below shoulders, and on both sides of my stomach up to my chest.

Everywhere itches though, even where there's no rash! Even the tops of my feet! She thought it might be the Amitriptyline I started a month ago so has told me to stop taking that for the next 2 weeks and see what happens. She also gave me Piriton to take 4 times a day to see if that helps.

I also have eczema outbreaks in both ears and a large patch of it on my right leg at the moment, so I seem to do nothing but itch n scratch right now lol!

I didn't realise itching was another thing us fibromites tend to experience. I've had trouble with eczema since I was young, but it got a lot worse in 2003 for some reason.

I hate the smell of calamine lotion because it reminds me of being bed bound for weeks as a child with Scarlet Fever!! Hope it helps you stop the itching today though!! x


Me too Chris, I was just thinking that myself. I know we like to share everything but if its all the same to you Diddle and Rach please can you keep the itch to yourselves this time? Hope you are less itchy today though cos its not pleasant is it.

Take care, Angela xx


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