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Hi, its me, Lyzzie, or as my boss used to call me when he want to annoy me, Lyzzie dripping, [dont ask] I didnt have a very good night, the pain in my right arm kept waking me, I couldnt get it comfortable, that and the heat, finally got to sleep about 6.30am the phone went at 8.30, it was my surgery. They had rung about my latest blood test, my doctor wanted another test "to check something" I asked what he was looking at, but because it was the secretary and not a nurse or doctor, she wasnt allowed to tell me, all I could find out was that it wasnt "anything drastic" my nurse is going to ring later today to make an appointment for tomorrow because he wants the result by Friday when I have an appointment with him. Its probabley nothing, but why cant they tell me that instead of leaving me imagining alsorts of horrible things, if she wasnt allowed to tell me, then get someone who could to make the call, I realise that some people could go to pieces if there was a real problem, but they know their patients, upshot is, I'm left wondering now whats wrong!!. just a rant to make myself feel better. Lyzzie.

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  • Rant on Lyzzie

    I am with you on that one.My surgery do the same thing,they phone up,and tell me ....nothing! So why bother? Like you say if the receptionist can't tell you then find someone who can.I am a worrier anyway and I have so many conditions going on I drive myself scatty sometimes thinking what's wrong now? I also have an imagination that works overtime so I am no help to myself.

    Also they will leave a message on my answerphone asking me to contact them urgently when I get the message.As it's often late in the day and too late to call back I am worrying all night or worse still it's sometimes over the weekend!

    Stress or what? They don't help do they?

    The only consolation is if it was really urgent they would want you down there today.

    Hang in there Lyzzie.



  • Funnily enough, I told only recently in a post on here about about me getting the same thing a few years ago now. I think the rule is there that they can't tell anyone, because if they tell people when it's something minor, then later refuse to tell someone the results, that person is going to know that it;s something really bad. It might be something that the doctor need to tell them gently (the receptionist might not know how fragile that person's mental state is), or thinks it is better that they have someone with them, or even that the result is inconclusive and further tests need to be done. The person could get very upset and frightened on the phone and need the reassurance of the doctor that it is unlikely, or that a lot can be done for it or whatever-These are all things a receptionist will be unlikely to know and certainly is not qualified to say. Everyone has to be careful of a scandal, or getting sued in the medical profession now.

    I can see and understand all of this NOW...But I didn't know any of this when on a Saturday morning, I got a letter saying the results of my blood test had come back and to make an appointment right away. It's the weekend. I was having kittens until I got to the emergency appointment on Monday evening. He took his time looking through the results, before telling me I was anemic and was I vegetarian? I nearly hit the roof, three days of fear, for anemia? I told him that I wasn't a vegetarian, I just couldn't afford meat. He told me to eat some would you believe? I ended up buying my own iron tablets. I did ask him what was so important that I was asked by letter to make an appointment as soon as possible and he said that it was just a standard letter. A bit later, I read in the paper that doctors were being paid 'a bounty' by the Government at the time, for every patient they could get to take the blood tests!

  • lyzzie, Hope your having a good day other than this issue!! Please take care and let me know your ok once you get answers. your friend, Peck.🐤

  • Hi lyzzie sorry you didnt get much sleep again last night . I was the same I think I finally dropped off at about four ish and then oh my lord beep beep beep beep that bluming alarm oh no its that time already .after having a week of im sure you can imagine how I wax feeling not at all enenthralled to be going back to work . With no sleep lots ofvpain and on a monday , I hate that monday feeling , its ironic all week I want to sleep but I can't and then on a sunday I will myself to stay awake because I know when I wake up it will be Monday again And work . Lol . Had doctors after snd iv given in iv taken one of the amittiptyline he is also gonna send me to the pain clinic yaaaaaaaaa , and when iv been there and if the amittiptyline dont help hecsaid he will refer me to thecsleep clinic so hopefully I will be sleeping with less pain soon :-) :-) . Any way gonna see if this works my bed is callingme lol I have two large fans aaimed at me so the land of nod here I come wish me luck .. ( I will let you know how o get on ) . Wishing you a pain free sleep filled night ♡♡ :-) :-) ♡♡ xx

  • Hi stargirl, Im lucky I suppose that I no longer work and sleep when I want to, if I cant keep still to sleep then I get up and read, unfortunately I also head for the chocolate and or ice cream! where do you get the pain? are are you like me and it likes to move around and keep me guessing. Another problem I get is that I am just happily, finally drifting off to sleep and my legs will suddenley jerk into a muscle spasm, just to drift again, spasm again, its easier on the nerves to get up and do something, and ignore the dog whos laying next to me, legs in the air snoring his socks off, sometimes he opens a eye to check what I'm doing but goes straight back to sleep,..ahh..its sometimes good to be a dog.What will they do at the sleep clinic? is that like the sleep and respiratory clinic I go to? Hope you sleep well tonight stargirl, Im afraid its going to be another hot one, the weather tonight gave the temperature up to 33 tomorrow, lets hope they are wrong as usual. sleep tight. Lyzzie :) :)

  • Thsnks lyzzie you to and my pain chases itself all over and never seems to stop lol . And my dog ( finn) is just the same he could sleep standing up lol I wish , good night :-)

  • Before I got my fibro diagnosis my Rhume sent me for a sleep apnoea test. My dad had one done where he had to day in over night but I got a little machine strapped around me and told where to turn it on. I thought I wouldn't sleep a wink but had one of the best nights in a while! Back to hospital, hand into sleep clinic and all ok.

    No pain or stress!

    Patrick x

  • Hi lyzzie

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you did not manage to get a good sleep and I sincerely hope that you manage a much better sleep tonight. I agree with you completely as they should get somebody medically qualified to ring so you are not left feeling anxious about these tests.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thankyou ken, as it is I'm still waiting for my nurse to phone me to arrange the appointment for a blood test, apparently she was off on Monday, I'm not going to worry about it, if it was really serious they would be more concerned about getting their hands on me wouldnt they? Any way, they ought to have some of my blood spare somewhere, they've taken enough of it! The tests they were doing was to do with level of SR somethings, so it must be to do with that, [I never get those intials right and keep calling them STD's which makes deveryone else howl, ] It was really hot last night but I slept quite well really, the dog certainly did, I swear he dreams about being a Pup again as he often suckles in his sleep, all you hear are little slurpy noises and his tounge pops in and out, awww..Lyzzie x

  • At least you had your blood tests back to the gp.......I've had 2 lots now, and still either one has not come back......that was 4 weeks ago now........go figure? ! 😕x

  • perhaps your blood testing place is harbouring vampires and you have a vintage type? joking apart, what have they done with them? how much do they think you can spare? and way, think of me on friday when anne-marie [the nurse] is trying to get the blood out of me!! I already have instruction to guzzle loads of water, it just doesnt want to come out. Lyzzie x

  • Hi Lyzzie, I have the same problem, my nurse told me to drink plenty of water like you but also to wear a pair of gloves no matter how warm it was, the heat plumps up the veins or something. I haven't had to go since so I'm not sure if it works. Maybe worth a try though. Hugs Linda x

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