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new doc needed!

I had a call from the surgery today, apparently my doc off sick not known when coming back.

Now i have been anaemic badly for 6 months (apparently why im more tired than ever) and all i got from her was eventually after 6mths a referal to see a colon specialist about the amount of blood from behind i lose (dont have periods so blood from behind is as bad so this is why i am anaemic)

Anyway a male doctor has taken over her cases and i havent seen him but he has noticed she hasnt treated me for anaemia except to advise regular blood tests so he want s me on some medication for it.

I finally feel someone knows what they are doing. I want to change docs, my female one is nice enough but so unsympathetic, i am not sure with some of the personal probs i have that i will cope with a male doc. How do you find them? And do you think they will have a problem me requesting a new doctor from now on?

Im just worried i will be seen as a annoying patient.


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and the end of the day its your care ,and dont worry what they think ,

if you concerned about talking about more personal problems maybe you could take someone with you if it made you feel better :)

gentle hugs xxxx


Thanks Chris. Im pretty sure that the doc who called me today is the one my neighbour recommended - i will check with her tomorrow. I mean i have to see someone as they said they have no idea when my regular one will be back anyway and i need a med check up.

Will keep you informed how it goes.



hi i see a male doctor if i have too mine is female at end of day if you like them its just how comfortable you are as long as you dont hold back on info with them then askto change , imthink once i had kids my opinion changed you dont care who sees you after child birh lol itis up to you if you want to change i did jus filled in form weeek later i was with new doctor,

i am aneamic too i ave been on ferrous sulphate for years 3x a day and noew apeddine think that right lol

i find male doctors nice i see them on occasion if mine is on holiday love to you diddle x


At the end of the day youve got to have a doctor that you are comfortable with.

I dont know how it works at your surgery but I can make an appointment with any doctor I want at the surgery. One specialises in skin so I see him for my skin conditions (just discovered I have necrosis from my diabetes). I see the one that diagnosed my fibro for all fibro related issues. And if its anything related to female issues (periods etc) Ill go to see a female doctor because she is good and I had a bad experience with a male doctor.


I have a female doctor, just got put with her and I am so lucky, she is fantastic. But as Ermintrude, in my practice you can just request whoever you want to see.

So if she is not available I now choose one of the male doctors.

I have many problems over the years, with the tail end. I have come to the conclusion, its not nice whoever it is. So if I don't feel comfortable, I always bring a chaperone or ask for a chaperone. I say its all about how comfortable you feel. Just go with your own feelings, Doctors understand ( well should). Hope all goes well Lou x


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