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My monthly doc app

So just been to docs there as I've got to go every four weeks, was complaining about agonising pain in my right leg, I could hardly walk all day yesterday and last night, my doc examined it and said he's extremely concerned as it is severely swollen(about twice the size if my left leg) so he has asked me to go back tomorrow morning for him to check it again, says if he is still concerned he's sending me to the hospital to get it checked as he is worried that it might be a blood clot 😲

Will keep youse all updated

I am really worried now

Lyndsay xx

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Hi, sorry to hear about your leg. If I were you I would go straight to A&E if your leg is double the size of the other one... I wouldn't wait til tomorrow. Good luck xx


Sorry for the worry. Hope all turns out well


Thank you for replies, he said he is concerned but might not be blood clot coz my leg hasn't changed colour eg isn't purple or blue but it is very painful and very swollen, he said if it gets worse later and more painful I've to go to A+E xxx


I would go to A&E, I went with the same symptoms as you, all was well but I have never had so many people looking after me at once I had preventative meds a scan and had to stay a couple of hours, as I say all was well but don't take these symptoms lightly, please. xx


Hi, I had a DVT about 12 years ago which was misdiagnosed for a couple of weeks so please be reassured that it's not necessarily like in the media stories. The advice above is sound that if you remain concerned or the pain gets worse go to A&E. If you get any breathlessness go to A&E immediately. This also doesn't necessarily mean the worst either as with me I was on hands and knees out of breath and it was just because the blood could not circulate the oxygen properly round my body past the clot, not that the clot had moved. The pain I had was constant there was no relief from putting my leg in different positions, although I didn't have fibro then, it was a different type of pain. I wish you luck and hope it's all OK xx

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Hi Lyndsay, I hope nothing serious, but at least you have got a gp who is concerned that is a good news as A START, IF THING getting worse, you can dial 111 out side hour emergency. Good Luck

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I genuinely and sincerely hope that everything turns out well for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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