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Well I got my decision about my pip and like many others I have been denied it, so I will lose my car , I am going to ask for a copy of the assessment as there were one or two things I don't remember saying in the interview! Also they refer to a letter from 2015 that my consultant said said I was mobilising well, so they say because of this I can't get the mobility part, but the letter was taken out of context. He was referring to the difference from the first time he saw me in a wheelchair then gave me two hip replacements and I was then walking with a stick. This had nothing to do with why I was claiming dla for my knee injury which I still have. But I don't hold out much hope seems the government want everybody off dla!

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  • Glory be Westie.....I think we have to be at deaths door to get anything nowadays...makes me so angry! I could get racist/political but as it's Boxing Day I wont!!!!! Make sure you fight the good fight.....x

  • I hope you don't get racist. Nothing to do with race but a lot to do with politics.

  • I can't believe this mobility as Trikki says how bad do you have to be. Difficulty walking is difficulty walking doesn't sound as though they read the letter properly. These assessments are like a conveyor belt and they seem to look at people as a nos. and not as a person. Did you record it? Look over that assessment with a fine tooth comb and see whether there are any discrepancies. Good luck with it all get as much help as you can.x

  • i am dreading it when i receive my PIP claim forms.i cant walk uphill or steps without pain and breathlessness and my stairs due to knee pain and pelvic/abdominal heaviness/pain .The gp i presented to with this did not accept it and said "you walk ok here"-no addressing or record made in my notes of abdo/chest pain-no investigation/examination.since when have drs surgeries "had hills"?it doesnt compare.now noone will accept i cant walk uphill far cos as far as gp's are concerned "I have nothing wrong".that s why i havent worked for 19 years!

    despite being granted indefinite DLA for low rate care-this will be rejected in a new claim?and i cant claim for mobility until i can claim for PIP.

  • Yes it is difficult to move from DLA to PIP if you had low rate DLA care. Like you I had an indefinite award and hoped that would mean that as long as my Health stayed the same it would be ongoing. The discriptors are slightly different so you need to rally read them to see how they fit into your particular circumstances. From people's experiences on the forum it does seem more difficult to get the mobility I only got 4 points. Good luck when your turn comes and get all the help you can with the filling in of the form.x

  • thanks I shall go to the CAB when it happens.

  • Hi Westiebabe

    I really am so genuinely sorry to read this, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your next stage on getting PIP, if you decide to ask for a mandatory reconsideration. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I too have just been refused. I was on the highest of both parts DLA and now all I have is standard care. As I got my letter late on the 23rd December it was too late for me to call but explains why none of my benefits have gone in, so I dare say it won't be sorted now until the new year. Tomorrow I will call to see if the office is open as the decision letter only came on the 23rd as well so no time to call. They see us for a snapshot of time and they think they have known us for life!! After living with Arthritis and Fibro for over 20 years (and none of it getting better, trust me), suddenly I am supposed to be fighting fit, able to walk without pain, barely need any help and god forbid that I should even think about needing a car!!!. Sorry to rant but with no money, loads of stress and next to no sleep all over Christmas, I am feeling just a little more than tired. I would however like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very ,very happy New Year and may all your pains be small. xx

  • Hi rubycheshire i'm sorry to hear that you lost it, were you on indefinite dla😣

  • Hi rosie-2015. Yes I was on indefinite DLA. Higher rate of both.

  • Good luck with your appeal x

  • Thank you rosie=2015.x

  • Hi I've heard they are doing this to see who appeals. Try appealing against the decision and see what they come back with. Good luck

  • Thanks. I have firstly spoken to them and they are forwarding my new "over the phone, verbal submission" to a new assessor to grade. If it still comes back not as I agree, then I can go to appeal. You can't go straight to appeal any more. x

  • Please don't give up hope when I was on DLA I was on full mobility and low rate care when I got my pip back they gave me no points at all but I asked for a mandatory reconsideration and got points for care and enhanced mobility so am getting a new car. Please don't give up if you are truly deserving then you should get what is due to you but try to send as much information as you can remember to keep copies of everything that you send.

  • Please appeal, even though it may be stressfull, you have nothing to lose.

    I shake my head at the DWP, it makes you wonder if they throw all the forms and reports in the air and then randomly pick one and give a negative answer. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for their decisions.

    I wish you luck, and get as much evidence as possible.


  • My wife had the same trouble she have arthritis in her hip and my full time career our doctor said apply for pip wheat for her assessment and was denied there was questions on there which was not said at the interview at is are the worst company about so new applications BEWARE THEY WILL TRICK YOU

  • Almost everyone I know , including myself, gets it reinstated at appeal level, however this does add extra stress.so please don't give up. Keep finding extra evidence and write in every time you can. Also ask for a reconsideration , however they too get turned down.keep heart and get as much help as possible.gentle hugs xx

  • I really feel for anyone who has been turned down or down graded, it's so unfair.

    I've not had the courage to apply yet, so can't offer any help.

    Gentle hugs x

  • Hi westibabe i'm sorry to hear that i hope you can get it sorted out in your favour😘

  • Just a little note... I requested a copy of my assessment. Finally received after two requests.... taken 4 months!! Clearly having this available for a reconsideration is totally impossible, even with extension.


  • I know what you mean. Reading mine it was like I was reading about someone else. x

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