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its ok i survived yay !

well i did go to the dentist ,and anyone who has read my blogs today its been a funny day

almost friday the 13th all for me lol :)

well anyway ,i get there and when i get called ,i realise its upstairs !

so up i go ,folded pushchair in one hand and a two yr old in the other !

so she then says you need two fillings ! yay not !

off i go folded puchchair in one hand two yr old in the other lol :)

the stairs were like a sheer drop !

so then i go and pick my other son up from school ,and i get caught in the worst hail storm ever and get cabsolutly drenched so thats it im not doing any more !

i give up !!!!

love and hugs to everyone xxxxxx

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lol i did warn you not to go or if yo did it would not be straight forward but now you are home PLEASE stay ther for goodness sake and maybe get chippy tea tonight nd let hubby take over bathing kids tonight ad puting them to bed you jus sit ther whwere you cant get into any trouble lol love to you diddle x


i think iwill diddle lol :)

love to you xxxxx


you made it ... give your self some credit ... even if it was a nightmare although i do agree with diddle look after your self know ... gentle dyslexic hugs


thank you lexie ,gentle hugs to you too xxxxxx


oh dear lynz,the dentist...hubby scared really scared!but at least you got to the reception!have a nice evening hugs xx


Hiya Lynz

Well done on getting there,but take all our advice and rest up tonight,glad u made it back ok although you did get drenched,hugs to you hun.xxJules


What a day Lynz! Well done you for getting through it. Take it easy all evening now!!

Lots of love xxxx


OMG Lynz how on earth did you make it upstairs carrying pushchair and baby!. No wonder you want to give up, that would have finished me big time. Hope you are okay now though xx


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