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OK Home from Hospital :-)

Well hi everybody I'm home from hospital complete with new left hip. Feeling a bit down as not much I can do and hubby does his best but men and stress I find don't go well together !! On a better note all went well just got the recovery bit to do now although being on crutches in our tiny house it is a bit hard to get around, leg and bum very swollen lets just say I wouldn't say "does my bum look big in this " for awhile LOL as it definitely will.

Met lots of nice people in hosp on my ward we had quite a jokey time well between pain relief rounds you know how it is we all supported and encouraged each other.

The staff at RJAH hospital are all great nothing is too much trouble for them I'm very glad its my local hospital, also the food is very good we had some lovely pudds opps! there's that sweet tooth of mine showing again but of course the main course was good too I couldn't complain

as we were very well fed... so back on Friday for a wound check ..

Sue xx

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wow so pleased that you are ok and home how quick they get you up and about bless you take care and make sure you dont do too much let hubby do it lol

they are terrible men when it comes to wives or partners in hospital arent they

they really dont know what to say or do do they it is quite unnty to watch at times lol

oh well you take care of yourself and will chat to you later love diddle x


Hi Sue glad you have had your hip operation and you have started the recovery process. You still have your sense of humour just take things slowly and make the most of the care you receive. I also have a very sweet tooth. Hope your check up on Friday goes well gentle hugs squidley



I am so pleased you are doing well, i hope you recover quickly. :)

My mother in law had a new left hip done last week and she flew through her right one but she i sreally pooorly with this one bless her. She i sslowly on the mend though.

Take it easy, and look after your self sue.

HUgs, kel xxxx


Thanks I feel so supported by you guys and diddle you've got it in one men that is ha ha


glad your back sue ,hope you are on mend soon ,and you still sound so upbeat aswell ,good for you ,

tc and gentle hugs xxxx


Me too Sue, sorry, I'm rushing around today :(

Sue xxx


hope your recovery is a speedy one x


Hi Sue, what a relief its all over for you, glad to here you are at home and doing well. After all that worrying you did before you went in I hope you now feel it was worth it. My friends Mum had a hip replacement last year and says it is marvelous and she is now pain free.

Be gentle with hubby, at least he can keep you supplied with tea and cakes!!. Nice to hear you were fed well in an NHS Hospital too.

Take care, love Angela xx


Glad your back home safe and sound after your op. A friend of mine has just had this op and she is back tmw for her 6 week check.

Hope you recover well.

Gentle hugs x x x x


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