Ok so it is housing benefit day today i really could not face it yesterday by the time i had seen my sister for 5 hours i was worn out so i really have got to go today and i am not looking forward to it !!!

My dad has tolsd me what to say and do and not to get loud or shout (which he knows i would not any way i not like that) i will just end up so frustrated i cry then make them feel bad lo,l

Oh well wish me luck i have got my file ready and there letter saying i am in dbet as i failed to inform them of my change of circumstances ??????

funny that as i have a reciept from them for paper work i took into there office the day my circumstances changed saying on it change of circumstances ???? mmmmm

not only that the council tax people have sorted their side out and they are in the same office and got the same paperwork !!!!!!!!!!so dont know what has happened there an dcant wait for them to explain that one ? have a lovely day Diddle xxx

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  • Hope it goes well for you....I think you're like me and hate any sort of confrontation...but as your wise dad has said, keep calm, take deep breaths and i'm sure it will be ok.

    Thinking of you xx

  • good luck didle xxxx

  • good luck with your challenge today. hope it all goes well. x

  • Hi Diddle, hope your visit goes well, I visited the poll tax office last week and felt totally frustrated with it all. I was getting council tax benefit but now I dont owing to the fact that I got my occupational pension released so it just puts me over the limit for benefit. So why do I need to give them proof of how much I have in the bank cos its immaterial anyway!!. They make far too much work for themselves and us due to their quirky ways of working.xx

  • Hi Diddle.Well I hope you have a better experience than my daughter and I had yesterday.Id had a letter to say my housing benefit had been HALFED.Couldnt undarstand that, as my rent was going UP.The man we saw was so rude and uncaring.He kept talking over us and interrupting.I think he was a robot actually, no facial expression,he just kept repeating "we only go by the guidelines given to us".He never looked at us the whole time.I had to sign a form for my daughters payslips we provided.While I was reading what I was signing for, he said(rather intimidatingly) "Just sign in the box where I showed you".I told him I was looking at what I was signing for.By this time, my daughter was in tears and I wanted to grab him by the throat and explain very nicely, how Im on the ESA pittence and she just earns minimum wage.So not only has she got to pay extra coz the rent's going up by £4a wk, she also has to pay an extra £44 a month coz theyve halfed my benefit.Ive never known it to go DOWN when there's an increase in rent.We were so angry, we just walked out,went to receiption and asked for a complaint form.What an absolute A***H**E (sorry but this one needs a swear word) Good luck and hope you get sorted.Good job you dont live in Plymouth!!


  • Well my daughter has decided to move out and go live with her boyfriend coz she cant afford to live here now.So theyve forced her out of her home and I'll lose my helper.She has been a bit of security for me and theres less for me to do when shes doing her own stuff and helping me do shopping etc.Shes not moving too far away, so she'll be close by if I need her.But Im so stubbernly independant and dont ask for help. But I get full housing benefit and council tax then,lol. I'd rather have my daughter.But I dont want her working just to pay the bills and have no life.Shes had bugger all, all her life coz Ive been on benefits.I want her to enjoy her wages as well. no wonder theres so many people living on the streets too.Its made me SSSOOOOO angry.

  • yeah me too my daughter 19 and on 150 a week for an appnticeship and they want 28.35 a week housing benbfit and 4 a week council tax so thats 32 a week just to live here then they expectme to take money off her for food etc and she has sky in her room which she pays and her mobile which is in total 35 a month so out of 600 a month 164 goes on all that there is no way i will then take another 100 for her to live here it is hardly worht her going to work to better herself then is it ? i know they have got to contribute to the home if they are bringing money home but for your daughter to move out is disgusting she has been made to take such drastic steps love to you diddle x

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