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Does anybody share the same experience i have, today i was having spasmodic pain all over body, like electric shock pain firing all over body, the pain in my left ear was excruciating, had to have pain killers then went to bed slept for 3 hrs, i felt so emotional with pain, the pain in my inner elbows is so bad i cant even wipe my eyes it hurts so much, i feel like i'm getting worse daily, fed up xx

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I have the awful pain on the insides of my elbows coops but not the spasmodic pain you talk about.

I'm so sorry you've had a bad day today, it sounds awful.

Hugs Sue xx


hi i do get terrible spasms al over but not like electric shocks. ive been in awfull pain all over all day today it so depressing isnt it i do hope tomorrow is a better day for u .soft hugs tofty xxx


The pain is like it fires to dufferent parts very quickly, im off to bed now pain in my left ear and my head bad, thanks for the hugs xx


Hi coops,yes I get feelings of electric shocks going through me.I`ve got used to it over the years.And only once actually called the doctor out as it was so bad.

I couldn`t move an inch without it didn`t happen,he just thought it was because of my spine.I have come to realise I get them badly when I`ve gone 2 nights or more without sleep.

Hugs and hope you feel brighter soon Butterfly xxxxx


hi yes it is awful it jus never ending isnt it i wish people could really understand (not all you on here ) love diddle x


HI coops,

Yes i do get them i actualy had them in my left arm and hands last night and it hurts so much, but it confuses me where it comes from and why it happens.

Sending you a big gentle hug and i hope you feel better soon.

hugs, kel xxx


yes, its like someone pinging elastic bands from inside your body! xx


i get the electric shock treatment often,usually in my arms,back and shoulders.been telling my partner about them for months.feels to me like someone has a voodoo doll of me and they are stabbing me with masive rusty nails.nasty pain isnt it.take it easy hun,a few days rest helps mine calm down.x


Funny you should say that.Was sitting on the settee this morning and suddenly jumped up; thought I was sitting on my mobile phone or remote control and felt I was on fire but there was nothing there. What on earth is wrong with us? I often feel like you do lulu as though there is someone out sticking pains in a voodoo doll.


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