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Can't be bothered to do the cleaning!!

I have OCD so if my house has the slighest bit of mess or dust I have to deal with it. BUT, my flipping head hurts and my mum says I look ill.

I feel guilty for not doing the work, but I have to look after myself too and Pacing is the key to this horrible illness.

I bet you all really wanted to know that I have OCD and write stupid blogs.....what was I thinking!!!

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I have to admit Rach, I have never been OCD about housework :) I hate doing it.

Don't feel guilty :) It'll still be there when you do feel like doing it......

You don't write stupid blogs, - silly! lol xx


I have a husband exactly the same. He says why put things away when I'm going to use it again. Ignores cupboards and drawers. I tell him that's what they are there for - to keep the place tidy.May as well talk to myself.Dont have OCD but to like place to be tidy. I,ve given up now. It'll be here when I,m dead abd gone so to hell with it.


You should see the clothes my husband has,as well . Last count were 29 pairs of trousers. Coats, he's forgotten he had. He bought 3 raincoats from CottonTraders in the past 6 months.Far more shoes than me . Small bedroom is now like a library with some books still shrink wrapped. He just cant resist books. Have told him they're all going on top of him if he kicks the bucket before me. He must have some kind of an illness for which they haven't found a title for yet!!. I made him give some books away once and what did he do Went out and bought the same books back over months later.

He couldnt buy and DIY,Gardening books though. They'd be too much like hard work.

God Help Me. Don.t know what done to deserve this.ha,.ha.


Hope your headache eases Rach & feel

Better soon, and you can do house work


sending healing thoughts



Thanks guys for your lovely comments......I've hoovered upstairs and did a bit of dusting, feel better now.

I found some sweets in my step daughters room......I ate them!!! Hehehe....



Hiya Rach, I never have OCD about housework, I try and tidy as I go so that there is not a buildup of mess. I must say though that I havn't dusted for a while so must try and get that done sometime this week!!

Hope you enjoyed the sweets xx


haha, yeah feel a little sick now!!!

I wish I didn't have OCD, a shrink once told me that I needed therapy.....for christ sake no way was I having therapy over that. xx


LOL, some of these shrinks are the ones who really need the therapy!!.xx


hi i am the sae lol my nieces came on friday they wanted to do all my house work they were disapointed when they had done as they couldnt see what they had done you are too clean and tidy auntie diddle they said i asked them to tidy out set of drawers they opened them looked at me and said what tidy what auntie diddle they are tidy nothing is out of place lol oh well i would leave it by the sound of it it is like mine and prob would not be noticed if you didnt do it for 2 weeks or more love diddle x


diddle, send your neices round here please (although Liverpool might be a bit far for them). I just dont have the energy to keep things tidy. Think I have far too many clothes and each time I think about throwing things out I always say "well I might want that sometime" Haven't got the energy to put things on ebay either.


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