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Sorry about the spelling! I have severe FIBRO, OA, spinal disorders, since feb 2013 I have has severe muscle weakness affecting the whole of my body, it's functions, my breathing, my swallowing and my sight is less than 6/60 visual acuity with constant double vision and a squint and urticariral vasculitis since aug 2012, the neuro consultant has put me on myasthenia gravis meds as I've ad positive bloods results for this and also another elevated antibody but this isnt helping my poor vision!, but after the DWP having all this proof of how bad Ive got I'm still saving to go to appeal!!, I have a disabled son to look after and I ant look after myself coz I can't see! I also sve severe depression! Will I have to be 6 feet under before theywill accept that mt health is soo badd!,,,, I'm at the end over my witss!,, I didn't know his much mre I can Cope with. I'm jar a burden o everyone now Icant see!,, have fallen numerous times!,, I can't cbelieve they are so callous!,,,when my hubby is on shift I go to bed coz I'm not safe downstairs & my disabled son is in his room across the landing! What life s this!..........

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Hi raeben

You sound as if your life is really difficult at moment . I send you a hug your vent made me feel . So sad. It is a fine state of affairs when you have to . Go to . Bed for safety sake. Here is a hug for youxgins


Hi there you really don't need all this stress so please contact the Citezens Advice so that they can help you apply and support your going to need going through this time. So sorry don't have anything to say other than your really not alone and a big spiritual hug just incase your touch sensitive :))


I'm not sure how much more I can cope with I'm also in the process of trying to get my son statemented! I'm such a burden! It's so hard since my sight has gone overnight, such constant FIBRO pain, and fatigue on a different level since my complications! Been in hospital twice for a total of 4 weeks!,,, I'm scared!!, can no longervworknas can't see!, have a good job, co car etc... All gone at the mo!, on SSP now!, maybe I'd be better off 6 foot under!,, at least I wouldn't be a burden to my family!,,


Not sure if my sight will ever come back!, still awaiting confirmation of diagnosis of what's causing these scary symptoms!,, I'm desperate to know there's a light at the end of this dark, lonely scary tunnel!


You are not alone we are all here for you try and remain positive and please talk to your doctor tomorrow see if he can offer any help. xgins


hi..message me and I will give you a link for the man who helped me x


Hi there ,

We understand the difficulties you all are having with the current benefit system especially since the recent changes from DLA to PIP & IB to ESA.

FibroAction can provide you with the Benefits & Work Guides and these may be of help for you in the process of applying for these benefits. Please email and we can send the guides from the Benefits & Work site for FREE. We hope these will help with the claim and the stress you are experiencing at this time.

Here is the Benefits & Work website

Any recommendations from members about independently run companies via external websites that can help you with Benefit Claims may have Terms & Conditions involved to further assist you with your claim.

Please can you consider all options available to you to assist you to make an informed choice taking into account all the pros & cons. For your information, No Win, No Fee means if you win the case a fee will be charged, please check with these companies what this will be so you are aware before committing yourself to use the service.

As per our guidelines below,


FibroAction cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites

We would like to suggest you consider researching all options before making any final decisions



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