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i wish it wasnt sunday

hi everybody... bad news! need to shower the girls, wash their hair and dry it. they have school tomorrow. my arms feel like they are going to drop off by the time im done. unfortunately they are only 5 and 7 so they cant do much for themselves. but i have to take it easy on a sunday so that i can do the most important job and that is to make sure my kids are washed. all other housework has to be done a little evryday. other people take a day to tidy top to bottom i take a week and dnt get a break. i have to be careful about washing my own hair because if i shower and wash i cant use my hands and arms to wash my hair... maybe someone should invent something to wash hair. it woyld be a hit with the world

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I think it would be too!!! Hope your day goes smoothly xxx


thank you xxx cant wait til they go to school tomorrow so i can have some peace and quiet. i have had them at home for 2 weeks


End of the school holidays . Yay ! I know so many on here have young -ish children and the last 2 weeks have been a bit of a struggle .

It also means Asda won't be full of teenagers all day , which is great cos I really need to get off my bum and do some shopping !

Not sure if there are products suitable for children you can put in a bath that will wash bodies and hair and not need too much swilling, if you could find something perhaps your little ones could have fun learning to wash each other's hair while you supervise ?




Hi nazm,

I dread the sunday routine bath for my girls too. :( I have one thats 6 and one thats 4, so similar situation. I shower them through the week as it is easier but i like them to have a good soak on a sunday, but my shower is broke now so i am dreading bathing them more.

My arms kill me washing hairs, and i end up taking it out on them sometimes, i just wish bathtime was fun.

My 12 year old has to wash mine sometimes when i just cant manage it.

HUgs, kel xxxx


hi can you not make it into a game of hairdressers sit them both in the bath and pretend one is hairdresser other is customer you supervise and let one wash one hair then swap that is what i used to do when my girls were ther ages as they hated hair wash night but when it was made int o a pretend game they loved it didnt do it all the time jus occasionally and i think you will find they love it , this was before i had fibro my girls are 25 and 19 now , good luck give it a go and you can join in too lol love diddle x


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