my arms feel so heavy like i am holding weights

i have many health problems asthma .underactive thyroid .fibromyalgia osteophorisis i have fractured my spine 3 times rheumatoid arthritus trigger finger perifual neuropathy caused by malnutrition .for the past few months my arms have felt so heavy its like my arms have been dipped in concrete or i am holding weights i ave pain in my sholders and a tingeling feeling in my arms .i cant wash or style my hair i keep dropping things in the kitchin can neuropthy spread i am tol you have to have an EMG or a scan that long tight tunnel i am clostraphobic and panic i had it once before they gave me diazepam that did not help as i have been on it for years .also cant have blood tests as my veins burst can neuropathy spread down the body so sick and tired of pain its so painfull when i go on the computer typing hurts well everything hurts .sorry so stresed and tired ,

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  • hi mason, have you seen your gp and consultant?

    I had hypnotherapy 10 years ago so I could have an mri. I've had 3 now and been ok.

    I have bloods taken from the back of my hands with a butterfly; orange or baby blue needle.

  • hi i have seen so many doctors i have trie hypnosis it did not work for me also acupuncture .my veins are very fragile even with a baby needle my veins burst and its hard to stop the bleeding .the last time the nurse said n more blood tests for a year .thank you for replying take care ,

  • Hi mason

    I suffer myself with my arms and it's the worst! Can handle back legs butt knees but my arm's are the worst as it effects everything doesn't it! I use pernantion gel and it's really good stuff! Do you feel it's the fibromyalgia? Could it something else? I also have thoratic outlet syndrome and that is. Compression of artery and nerve in the first fib very painful and gives you dead arms? Hurts in shoulder as well?

    Hope your ok


  • hi keeley bee i think its neuropathy i have perifual neuropathy in my feet its agony my arms feel like i am carying lead weights its painfull to lift my arms cant wash my hair or dry it my arms get so tired my left hand goes very stiff i keep dropping things in the kitchin the fibro its my memory keep forgeting things and my hearing is so sensative ,its flustrating not knowing wwhat this problem is i have friends on facebook i asked there as well and 2 of my friends have the same symptoms and they have neuropathy i hope your managing ok hope to be friends we can chat althoug it hurts to type take care ,sheila

  • Oh yes, holding a peice of bloody paper hurts lol

    All the best x

  • hi keeleybee very true i hurt everywhere .lol,

  • I always joke and say I want robot arm's hahahaha oh the joys!

    Hope you have a restful night my love. Pillows under the arms help me get more comfty x

  • more like bionic arms that would be great .i dont get much sleep 3 hours at the most i lie on my right side i have a v shaped pilow that helps me take care sleep well where are u from .

  • I have my v shape pillow as I type :-) I'm from Nuneaton near Coventry, you? X

  • hi i live in northampton .just off to see my doctor i need an electric wheelchair as its agony to walk but as i have legs and feet as they said we know your in agony walking but u do have legs get the dod to chop one off .speak later ,

  • hi keeleybee went to see my doctor about my arms i had a blood test in march which she brough up on her computer screen it said the blood test showed muscle weakness dr wants me to have another blood test but cant get one till the 4th of june its madness ,hope your ok .

  • Oh shelia bless you. Hope your ok bab x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to wish you all the best of luck. I would discuss this with your consultant just to get other medical conditions ruled out of the equation.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • hello i will be seeing my doctor today i think its neuropathy in my arms i have perifual neuropathy in my feet ,wish i knew more about neuropathy i am told it can spread .thank you for your kindness ,sheila

  • thank you so much ken i am worried .take care ,

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