Brain fog! it's a pea souper today!

The usual sleep/pain/wake pattern during the night! I then decided to take a shower as i thought I could raise my arms long enough to wash my hair....It took me twice as long as i put the conditioner on first. Then I put toothpaste on my face instead of moisturiser then coriander powder on my bran instead of cinnamon (I don't recommend this)! I then decided to have a cooked breakfast...the dog enjoyed it as I put it in her bowl instead of on my plate!

Needless to say I haven't bothered to do much else!

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  • Well my dog would love to come to your house !!! you really have had it bad today lol, never tried toothpaste as a moisturiser but will give it a go . and coriander powder on bran MMMM ask gordon ramsay bout that one. Yeah had same touble with arms today why cant i just go to bed and wake up no pain anywhere????? cant remember last time i had no pain lol. you take care and hope tomorrow is better for you love and soft hugs Diddle xxxx

  • I'm having a hip, thigh and hands day....sounds like the moves to a song! Luckily we don't lose our sense of humour!

    Hope you get some painfree sleep. xx

  • So funny but so not, I watched a short tv program got up when it finished walked round in circles three times then remembered I was just turning the TV off

  • I'm with you penny....I've been into the kitchen 4 times and just remembered to put a new bin liner in the bin! I used to be a multi tasker and now it's hard to remember one! lol

  • I'm completely spaced out today....don't know which way is up! The dog has kept me entertained...can't help but laugh at an adolescent dog :)

    Have a good weekend

  • Thought it was just me! Have lost count of the times I have gone to do something and completely forgotten what it was. And keep bumping into things, dropping things and forgetting simple everyday stuff. Irritating! Am newly diagnosed so just getting used to life with Fibro, it's not easy or straight-forward is it :( am just letting my body "tell" me what it needs for the moment, and trying not to overdo it (easier said than done, especially when you are having a "good" day!) Hope everyone has as good a weekend as they can <3 xx

  • I'm newly diagnosed too although probably had it for the past 4 years. I too try to do what my body dictates....usually sleep but that's hard to come by!

    I wish you all the best :)

  • Hi Bumble,my little yorkie after 8yrs of never doing it has learnt to bark so I will let her back in.When we had the snow put her out for last tiddles,made my hot water bottle swithched out the light and went to bed.1 whole hour later I heard this tentative woof and wonderd where it came from so I called her thinking she was in the front room grumbling at something.Second bark had a bit more meaning and Irealised it came from under my bedroom window.Poor little thing had been out there all that time.Now she doe`s her bits and barks her head off she`s not going to let me do that again.hugs xx

  • Ohhhh...poor little love!

    Isn't it wonderful to have a pet around the 27kg boxer still thinks she's a lap dog! Some days (not many) i can just about cope with her half on my lap for 5 mins or so but she knows thatif i give her a kiss on the top of her head i can't manage it and she just settles down beside me.

    have a good weekend x

  • hi bumble, sounds like yer having a bad day. ive found lately, when my head is somewhere else that my sense of humour is what keeps me going. laughter is the best tonic ever, plus its free of charge! hips, thighs and hands bothering me too today, and my lower back is in total spasm, dont know how i survived work but i did. hope u get abit of a breather and manage to have a good weekend, my love to you and all other sufferers xxxx

  • my doctor is sending me to memory clinic, but sound like he just needs to sen me somewhere to be diagnosed as having FMS. do you sometimes get a word stuck in your head and just cannot change it? like telling your daughter that there is a speed caravan ahead instead of a speed camera? lol

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