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Some days are bad, Some better to live, We all have this pain, But so much to give.

I try to smile through it, The best way I know, But some days are miserable, Painful and slow.

There must be Something Someone can do , To help us cope , To help us get through.

But pills and potions, We have to keep trying, To ease aches and pains, That keep on arriving.

But music is my medicine , When I am feeling low, And watching something funny, Gives a cheerful glow.

Our happy Fibro family, Who feel something of the same, Help you feel the sunshine, Even through the rain.

So keep on chatting daily , With a smile upon your face, 'Cause knowing we're all out here, Pain's not such a lonely place.

with luv'n'hugs Mandy xxxxx

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Beautiful Mandy and so true; I really believe that knowing you aren't alone makes a massive difference xxx


Thanks babe xx

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Hi, I liked your poem very much. I also write poetry as it helps keep my mind off things. My inspirational song is: Step by step by Whitney Houston, I play it and sing along. Xx


So true,and yes your not alone here.lovely poem.💗. Chris x

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I do like. In fact I love it. I find writing does help me and it can be therapeutic but I love reading others original stuff too so thanks for sharing hun. xxx

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Thank you for your kind words. I just had the urge to write it this morning . Maybe being at home , and having more time to think about stuff that's happening now, will inspire me to put my thoughts into written word more often . Perhaps it's time for the old grey matter to have a good work out !!

luv Mandy xx


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