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Dark again


I don't know bout rest of you guys but I feel worse in the dark I hurt more n resent the fact that I'm not still asleep. I cling tightly to my imaginary planet where the sun is always shinning and that normally makes me feel that bit better, able to face the world with my painted on smile, only kidding the smile is real. Today though I'm hurting not just physically but emotionally , my best friend moved 300 + miles away and I miss him. Unsteady of fighting the pain n carrying on this morning I'm wallowing in it , please help me bk to normality as I have t produce a long lasting smile at work. Got a feeling today is going to be long . On the good side restless leg dodgy arms n back spasms only stopped me sleeping for an hour r 2 last night whoooop xxxxx getting better lol xxxxx

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I wish I could give you a big hug! It's hard when friends move away but if you Skype you can still stay in touch! Hopefully the pain is not so bad! Stay positive and hope for the best! I post a pic you might smile at! If that doesn't work maybe animals will?


he! he! I enjoyed that thank you :) :)

Morning I have been awake all night as well .

And I hurt this morning , but it's a few days before Christmas and I hope you feel better in your self soon ,



Good morning hope you got sleep last night Hun I been awake hours and still haven't made it out o bed yet looks cold and I can hear the wind trying to get in, I don't start work til 3 so not in a mad hurry to move lol sending you love n squishy gentle hugs hunny xxxxcc


Would it help to know that it is the winter solstice tomorrow the shortest day of the year.

From tomorrow onwards we will be getting an extra 20 mins of light each day.

Normally it is on the 21 but this year it is a day late.

Spring is on its way.

Do you take anything for Restless legs. I take ropinerole and can now go for days with no problems. Without them i get RSL 24 hrs a day and cant even sit down to eat a meal.


Treewade in reply to Hidden

Can't wait lol xxxxxx

Treewade in reply to Hidden

From tomorrow more daylight I'm happy xxxxxxx

Had two sleepless nights at the stage where I don't want to get out of bed. Well in fact I haven't got out of bed it's warmer here and comfortable and for the minute is quiet above me although still have my earplugs in so may be noisier then I actually realise. Bid on 6 bungalows this week but too scared to build up my hopes. Will be much better when I do finally move I am sure. Wishing all a happy Christmas and relatively pain free new year



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Bless ya got everything crossed u get the inflow hunny n that you manage to catch up on some sleep. Sleep deprivation has to be the worst thing ever as that leads to so many problems poor concentration clumsiness etc I'm tired o being tired xxxx

Have you checked your vitamin D levels? It does contribute to your pain and wellbeing get a blood test from you GP . Wish you better xx

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are struggling with the dark nights and mornings. I am exactly the same as they make me feel quite down! Give me the sunshine on a summers day in my garden anytime. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x :)

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The solstice is here it starts to brighten from tomz onwards so excited winter will be leaving soon xxxxxx

Hi,I'm new to the community. I read your post and completely understand what you are expressing. I actually,regardless of how tired I am,put off going to bed for the night because I feel like it is a form of torture...not respite as it once was years ago. Once I lay down,everytime within minutes I have pain. I even wake up yelling out loud as I begin drifting off because of quick,acute sudden...sharp pain. Often startles my husband and son out of sound sleep. This is routine for me... along with associated spasms and deep unrelenting pain that only permits me to fall asleep on my stomach with my left left bent. I ,like you,sleep very little in a row and am awakened multiple times a night...so often that I can't keep count. Although exhausted...I sometimes cant wait for morning to come to be out of the, literally and figurative, dark. I'm so sorry about your friend moving too. I had 3 long time friends die this year and I often spend my wake time in the bed,not sleeping, thinking of them with sorrow...thought to thought as I am awake with pain, in the dark. Someone who was your friend ...moving is a huge loss,kinda causes a mourning for you similar to a death. I'm so sorry for your struggle,pain and loss. You are not alone. Seek out kindness,loving people, here and there throughout your day to make a moment or day better in little ways throughout the day. Putting on a "happy" face,as we all know,is an exhaustive daily occurrence for peoe with chronic pain..... Especially with lack of sleep, energy and life adjustments along the way, that we want no part of..if we had a choice. If you ever need to vent or talk...reach out to me,you are not alone. Also talking about your feelings,with those who care is always cathartic and connects you to new people. Wish you well,less pain and serenity today! Katherine

Thank you so much, I feel your loss and know your exhaustion, I don't know why the pain vents itself on a night, it's almost like when all the worlds at peace it's then that the pain is worse. Maybe it's because I spend all day trying to ignore it and work through it that the only chance it gets t say got ya is when I want t rest. I am in pain the whole time but through the day when life is happening it's bareable. I am sorry for the loss of your three friends hunny nothing can take away the grief. But talking in my experience helps. Happy new year Hun I really hope we both find a way to ease the pain so our bodies n minds can get the rest they need. Sending love xxxxxx

You have the same hope I want for us too... To have some sort of literal break from the constants of Fibro that have,unfortunately, become a part of our lifestyle on day to day basis . Your right on point about daytime functioning verses the quiet of night with the pain management. Thank you for your empathy and understanding...it is appreciated so very much!

Not sure if it's empathy r a shared suffering and knowledge of the joys of fibromyalgia. So many times I have to be thankful when reading others posts as I can still work, my life is effected more on a night and on the days when I have a bad start I have a five year old pushing me and encouraging me to start the day. Plus I hate letting any one down so refuse to ring in ill xxxxx

I understand and agree. My son was 5 when I finally diagnosed but had it for yrs before diagnose. My son is 12 now. I still need to work on the guilt in regard to what I can and cannot do, but I absolutely do the very best I can, I don't give up and I ask for help. That's what I tell my son to define his success and so I have also started to tell myself the same thing. God bless you with a five year old they so much fun, in addition to the effort and energy you must have to muster up on daily basis. The reward will be plentiful to you for him in your efforts. Good luck to you in everything... especially perseverance as the best mother you can be!

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