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He did it!

Just to let you all know that my sons team won the cup final tonight and not only did i manage to go, i also stood up the whole time which is something i cant do! I am so happy and proud but my knees, hips and neck are now giving way but i dont care a jot (probably will at 3am when i am sat in agony and wide awake though!) It is amazing what a mothers love for her child can do...anyway must go, time for the tramadol, gabapentin, melixocam etc....Happy Days! Love to you all xx

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Wow, well done to your son and his team and well done you too!!! :)

You're right, it is amazing what a Mums love can do.

So pleased you had a great day.

Hugs Sue xx


Well done Charlii's son and his team, a great result. You must have been such a proud Mum Charlii.

Hope you don't suffer too much tonight but hey you have some wonderful memories of today xx


woop woop to your son and his team it makes you so proud oesnt it when they achieve these things i love used to love it when my girls done things like that and my grandsons willmbe mext love to you diddle x


So pleased for you and your boy :)

Kids are the best reason in the world to push yourself just that bit more.

If I couldnt walk I'd crawl over broken glass for my son.

He's my reason for getting up everyday )


IN UR EYE MR FIBRO,U DIDNT QUITE SUCCEED ON THE OCCATION.....well dun t ur son n a big cuddle 4 u cos i wanna giv u there... :p lv fm em xxx