How did it start??????

HI everyone i'm interested in whether there was a trigger to you getting Fibro, I had a hip replacement and came round from the op with nerve damage to the opposite leg and it all went down hill from there, with pains everywhere, constant exhaustion, muscle spasms, daily headaches that develop into migraines, weird sensations like bugs crawling over my head and all this has lead to me being incredibly depressed, hardly ever leave the house, have only recently been diagnosed with fibro and still trying to get my head around it all. Only just found this site and am relieved im not alone in suffering. Love to all x

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  • I went to the dentist and was given a root filling and he put bacteria into my blood stream so ended up with septaciema and was rushed to hospital 4 days later as my body started to shut down it effected my liver and left me with reactive arthritis and fibro , and my immune system has now run amok and I keep testing every other visit with rhummie with lupus and it's effecting all my soft tissue.


  • Shadows-walker,,, I wouldn't have a root filling and actually had a tooth removed as a root filling was the only option to save it,,, I quoted the work of Weston A Price to the dentist as my reasoning,, he had never heard of him but was fascinated,,, now he wouldn't have one himself.

    If your interested just google: "Root Canal Dangers Weston A Price"

    Research into the potential dangers of the procedure was his life's work but has been rejected by the dental organisations,,, it is however slowly being recognised by more and more dentists.

  • Very interesting, but in my case frightening. I had an unexplained infection on my arm and was prescribed anti-biotics From my fingers to my elbow joint swlled and I had what the Dr throught was a burn it was 2" x 1" I told him if I had burnt myself I would have known my arm was ok when I went u to bed i just woke up with what looked like a ruler wack bright red and blisters. However, a few weeks later I went for a check up at the dentist. Everything was fine. A week later I had an absys and was prescribed anti biotics again. A month later he did a root canal, but no joy, he tried again about a month later no joy and said if it wasn't clear in a month he would refer me to the hospital. The following week the asys got bigger and he told me to see him the next day it was later afternoon by then when I rang. I felt fine when I left the house and on the bus journey, I felt fine for about 600 yards and suddenly had no co-ordination in legs, I appeared to recover after a while and carried on it happened again within minutes. The dentist said he had never seen anything like my symptoms it was if I was having a reaction, but speach and thought processes where normal but I still couldnt walk. I was taken to hospital a few hours later I felt a warm sensation rise up my legs and knew I could walk again. I was offered another root canal but opted to have the tooth removed. I can honesty say I have not felt well since and was diagnosed with fibro last year.

  • Sounds like a bad case of Osteomyelitis,, it can be very nasty!

    Anyway, for what it's worth, I think you are much better of without any root canal work.

    One of the experiments that Dr Price conducted was slivering up the teeth of cadavers that had been root filled and placing the slivers under the skin of little bunny rabbits.

    I think (from memory) the longest a rabbit lived was about 48 hours post implant,, and always died from similar pathology to the donor of the tooth,, usually an organ failure.

    However if he used a normal tooth of even one that had a surface filling then the rabbit seemed unaffected and went on to a normal life expectancy.

    I didn't need any more convincing,, no matter what the dental organisations (with a vested interest) choose believe.

  • Not for me. Think I've had Fibro most of my life although only diagnosed 2 years ago. Had unexplained pains from an early age, called them " growing pains" , but how my knees ached!

    Been various " aches" ever since!

    Only new symptom was a car accident a few years ago,and that did trigger the "points of pain" !


  • Interesting! I cannot openly recall a trigger or any kind of incident that started my Fibro off? That does not mean that there was not hover and I just cannot remember? I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Helen a big welcome to th site - it does help knowing there is someone else suffering from the same trials.!!

    One of the great things is there is usually someone around to chat with or article you can read. Fun stuff too this helps us to be diverted and happy feelings are good for you. When you smile and laugh even it is so much better than grumpping and groaning. We all use this site for that as well as everyone understands how uptight you can get.

    Have a look around do take notice of the regulations right hand side page allways good to know. Just mKE SURE YOU KNOW THE ONES WE CANNOT DO N O SWEARING I did not mean to put that in upper sorry hehe usual things need to swear ltittle crosses xxxxxx or kisses do but swearing people take it seriously.

    If I can help just say


    Administrator Fibromyaligia

    FMAUK Volunteer Healthunlocked

  • hi I was attacked in my home in 2006 I was hurt badly .the trauma brought on the fibromyalgia .

  • For me I was Caring 24 / 7 for two elderly parents one with Alzheimer's and the stress levels were through the roof Dr said all the stress probably brought it on.

    I remember I had had a bad fall and could hardly move for about 4 days,,, this was about a month before all the fibro problems started. I theorise that it may have been the extra system stress from the fall that broke the camel's back,,, but cannot be sure!

    There are many different forms of stress on the system but they all have much the same systemic effects.

  • I had wiplash and then came fibrio x

  • Hi, v. Interesting to hear people's triggers!

    I believe mine started after a long period of work related stress (3 years working in public service) doing 3 roles (which they knew prior to hiring me they required 3.5 people to do the job). Pain and symptoms started and foggy head in ernest after that but has reached unmanageable tolerance levels a further 4 years later when I was diagnosed also with CFs/me. However, I do think my adrenals are shot with years of running about at a rate of knots with work and home life. I also had an experience which I wondered if it could have been related. Anaesthatist hit a nerve in my spine when giving me a spinal block prior to birth of my twins. although this was many years prior I have had unexplained pain in various parts of my body for years.

    Jax 😊

  • bingo! I had spinal block for my hip replacement and every time they tried I had incredible pain shooting down my right leg, in the end they abandoned the procedure and I had to have a general anaesthetic, when I came round after having left hip replaced my right leg was numb from my knee to my thigh and was told it was maralgia paraesthetica and would soon disappear, that was 4 years ago and its only got worse, thought I was going mad with pain everywhere not just my right leg and it was only when I was prescribed doxyceline (something along those lines} that I noticed it was used to treat fibro and I was curious to see what fibro was, it was amazing each post could have been written by myself. I was similar to you in my work life, everything done at 100miles an hour and home life just as hectic, I have tried many drugs pregablin, gabapentin amitryptaline, all have given me horrendous migraines, or is it part of the fibro, so many questions, so few answers from my gp, do you mind me asking? what medication do you take and any tips to help manage fibro? people talk of times when fibro is manageable but mine seems to be constant so far, waiting for that pain free day

    Helen x

  • Helen, I take Duloxetine 60mg which I believe is a 3 in 1 antidepressant, nerve pain suppressant which seems to help with feeling of anxiety/adrenaline rush. It is a snri rather than an ssri which for me seems to work better. I am No medical expert but have read lots on the subject and I believe it is trial and error to find what works for you. I also take diazepam and tramadol for those really bad days as well as sleeping tabs but to be honest try very hard not to take them due to side effects and impact they can have on your general wellbeing. I am a great believer in natural remedies and am going to have another try at the whole 30 diet. Elimination of grains, legumes, alcohol, dairy and sugar, taking only organic foods and grass fed meat. Ie cutting out all processed foods of all types and going back to basics. After 30 days you introduce each food type one at a time for 3 days and note your bodies reaction. I try to abstain from gluten and dairy anyway but I think there are other things which don't help me. I have done the 30 days part before and felt a slight improvement but didn't do the reintroduction properly. I find, like many here, you will try anything to get even just one good day without pain!

    Good luck on your quest for wellbeing Jax xx

  • Welcome to the site now you are not alone.

    To b honest I now have a feeling I might have had it from an early age with a lot of unexplained aches and pains.

    I was holding own a new job that I do not know whether I would have a further contract on and at the same time Mom was diagnosed as terminally ill and also a friend and looked after them both. At the same time another close friend died. I had only just recovered from helping look after my father in law and started to have lot of terrible back pain which seemed excessive for the amount of damage to my spine. All my muscles them started aching even though I was very active at that point in time.

    My husband then had a breakdown and lost his job he had done for 38 year. Just before that I had had a very bad fall on holiday and had never felt fully recovered. Exactly a year to the day after hubby had to stop work I did as the pain around my ribs and back and the terrible fatigue just precluded me doing the job I loved.

    I am very strong willed and I think that I had just struggled through and then it as though the straw broke the camels back and my body just said no.

    I think that you when you need more posts so many if the people her were what I would call the Atype of personalities who had always been very active, with good jobs but with a lot of trauma or perhaps family responsibilities in their lives. I wonder sometimes if fibro is a type of burn out of the body as we in the end just ask too much of ourselves. Just a theory.x

  • I totally agree with your opinion on this ,I am / was tenacious to quote an old boss he Nic name me Wonder Woman , I to nursed a relative till the end and lost 3 other close friends to cancer and got divorced ,and was made redundant (not Wonder Woman job ) all in 18 months . Was very fit and didn't believe stress was anything to worry about I thought I thrived on it ,then went to dentist and it was the straw that broke the camels back , I think I have always had auto immune issues but the dentist finished me off.

  • Makes me smile, the dentist finished me off, I've been saying that about my surgeon x

  • Its eye opening for me how many of us were similar in our approach to work, wonder women xx combined with our loss of loved ones and huge levels of stress,, I think your theory's a good one xx

  • True Helen - at the time of my last most as worst crash which has continued for over two years I too lost a close friend coupled with that soon after my father contracted Noravirus visiting a relative in hospital and although my mum recovered my dad died suddenly 3 weeks later after a traumatic intensive care battle. I believe my already challenged body and mind through work and coping with pain, ibs, foggy head etc, at that time said NO MORE, and forced me to shut down. Sad to hear people's stories of pain but refreshing to know you're not alone. Love to you all xx

  • Hi it is documented that there is a link . I have nerve damage due to burst discs and curved spine. I was diognosed this yr. after suffering all the symptoms of fibro for 10 yrs . ❤️

  • I was gaulblader my doctors say it is a truma medical or emotional what would you all say are they right or rong

  • Your right .

  • I had a horrendous time growing up, resulting in PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), hearing voices, borderline personality disorder traits, social anxiety, depression, eating disorder not otherwise specified, and insomnia.

    I finally ran away from home at the age of seventeen. Hid out until I was almost eighteen with a friend (now my partner), then all of a sudden my hands fused into a fist, the doctors were confused, tried medication, but that didn't work had to go into hospital for more tests.

    Mental health difficulties came up in conversation, got referred to the mental health team.

    Hands eventually sorted themselves out, so they guessed it was stress and a reaction for my self-harm impulses. Now I reckon it was the start of my fibro.

    Over the next year or so, I had severe pain in my wrist and right hand, but nobody could explain why.

    One night I was walking home and my left leg went numb, and heavy, and walking was near impossible, I dragged myself up a hill and three flights of stairs, and brought it up with my psychiatrist, she didn't know what had happened.

    Then over the next few months the pain was getting worse, the stiffness too, to the point that one night I was screaming because all my muscles had locked up, and my girlfriend had to carry me into a hot bath.

    Got kicked out of a GP surgery (guess I was a nuisance because I wanted answers), went to another surgery eventually, went through all their doctors, then moved a few years later to a new area.

    I tried nearly all the docs, got fobbed off it was because I was crazy, psych said it was physical. Sent me for physio which did tons of damage.

    Eventually saw another doc, who with my community psychiatric nurse sent me to a rheumatologist, and after a few appointments and me insisting they admit me, I got my diagnosis.

    Nobody can say why fibro happened. But the PTSD is the best bet.

    I was very active, and kept going, like some have already said. From an early age I was looking after my own brothers, neighbour kids, a sick relative, school and work, maybe surviving on two hours sleep a night.

    But fibro has halted everything.

    Living with the knowledge that the people that caused my post traumatic stress disorder could of also caused my fibro is a very hard pill to swallow, and regularly brings me down.

  • Its so hard for me to accept my condition and how it has limited my life, hearing others pain and their journeys with this horrid illness has definitely helped me feel less alone, sending you love and hugs rainbow elf x

  • Awww you have suffered greatly . Glad you know what it is now. I suffered for ten yrs . My story is similar to yours . Good luck :-)))

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