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I am going to have arelaxing morning then after lunch i am gonna go to asda about 5 mins in my car ang down the cake aisle and i think i am gonna buy flap jacks/ lemon drizzle cake and ginger cake but if i get ginger cake i will have to get a pot of double cream as i heat it up a little bit in the microwave then drizzle the cream on top lovely lovely. then i think i will whip don the sweetie aisle and get a couple packets of the oft liquirice that they sell so i think that is what the new fad will be all of the above yummy yummy in diddles little tummy ( but wont be very little after that lot is in it ) love to you all and keep on sending me your favourites as may have to add some more to the list hee hee love diddle x

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sounds yummy!. Shame i'm trying to lose weight cos i really fancy that. Not having much luck mind you, been at it for 5 weeks and only lost 5 lb. I wonder if the pills i'm on effect your weight??? Enjoy that cake diddle, am soooo jealous xxx


hay come on now you have LOST 5lb thats good you havent put on or stayed the same so gold star for you woo woo do be spo hard on yourself you are doing really well and yes remember you re on alot of meds alot of which wont help so when you weigh (sorry about the pun) it all up thats brilliant keep it up if you hve a swweet tooth my mum and sister are always on diet and mum puts one of her favourite yogurts in the freezer about 3/4 hours befor e sh wants to eat it then it is frozen or nerly frozen it takes longer to eat and also she feels like she is having a lollipop !! but only the normal yogurt not the muller corner ones lol love to you diddle x


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