I hope you can all tuck into a wonderful virtual luxury tea party, with lots of cucumber sandwiches, eggy ones too, (gluten free for those who need it), watercress and bacon ones,(courtesy of Mr badger, he gave me enough watercress for today on Sunday :d ) lots and lots of scones, with clotted cream and jam - put on whichever way round pleases you most, a HUGE birthday cake, but also choccy cake (gluten free option on all cakes), carrot cake, lemon drizzle cake, huge piles of biscuits, (a pile of choccy bourbon ones for Ken :D ) and lots and lots of lovely teas and coffees depending on which you like,hot chocolate with masses of marshmallows and cream if desired, plus a few magnums of champagne (straws optional ;-) hehehehe :d )

Please enjoy :-) :-) :-) :-)

Foggy x

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  • You catered for everyone Foggy. So I'm getting stuck in... yum! xx

  • How did you get here before me? I super boinged my way here :o

    Okay pip, you're really a flying squirrel aren't you? ;) ;) ;)



  • It's the excess skin I have under my arms. If I spread out my arms I can fly ;) xx

  • LOLOLOL ;) xx

  • Wow how colourful :)

    Thanks Foggy for sharing your birthday spread :)

    Happy Birthday

    I've been wanting to say that all day :D :D :D


  • Did you say gluten free options? :-) Yummmy…… Zeb, that eclair is mine! Jilly stuffs large chocolate eclair in mouth before Zeb boings her way across the room.

  • it's alright I'll have that one :)

    ................ and that one.

    ............... hehehe boinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng haha escaped with 2 eclairs :)

  • Jilly sticks out her foot and Zeb trips, dropping the two eclairs into Jilly's lap. Jilly, looking totally innocent, stuffs them quickly into her handbag.

  • Thats a DRAT!!

    .............. with a SPLAT!!

    Boing boing boing :o


  • Weeee what a wonderful cake splat oh drat you in my tum :D

    what cha you lot....


  • hey up gins :)

    Fancy an eclair?

    ............. you'll have to be quicker than Jilly

    ...........she is quick

  • Yes sir an eclair for me jumps up smartly catching the one flying past towards Jilly

  • Quick, someone tie down Ken :P :P

  • Too late! I have already seen it and eaten half!

  • It's daylight and you're awake. :)

  • I saw the sun!

  • Oh so you are not a vampire then ken.. :D

  • LOL he heard there were cake m' ladyship heheh

  • Funny you should ask that! Peter Cushion and I were having a game of cards the other day ..... hehehehe! xxxxx

  • you didn't fizzle and go 'poof'?


  • It was more of a whimper! xxxxx

  • hehehehhe ;) xxx

  • I shall get my revenge young Ken. I have my ways and means. Jilly slips quietly from the room clutching a fire extinguisher and an uncreamed eclair.

  • hehehehehehehe!

  • Happy birthday my friend and I hope that you are having a wonderful time.

    My eyes are popping out of my head looking at this, and Bourbon creams! Thank you.

    Take care my friend

    Ken x x x x

  • AAAARGH. How rude of me.

    X X X X X H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y F O G G Y X X X X X

  • Hmph. Looks better on the preview version :(

  • Looks great to me :-)

  • Hehehehehehehe hope you keep enjoying it :D :D :D :d :d :d :d


    Foggy xoxox

  • Wow! You really know how to throw a birthday party, foggy! Birthday wishes again, hope u got someone in to clear up while u put ur feet up!

  • Hapi birthdays :-D xx

    Sorry for late reply!!

  • happy birthday foggy! :) that cake looks very cheerfull & delicious! im probably too late for a slice now :( my own fault for not being here earlier, lol, i hope you had a lovely day xx

  • Thank you for cake foggy mmmmmm it was lovely I had a piece of the red part lol and the sandwiches were lovely and fresh, hope you had a good day.....hugs...Dee xxxx

  • Happy Birthday, Foggy, and thank you for all the yummy stuffs. I hate choosing between them so I will have one of each and save them up if I can manage not to eat them immediately. Gentle hugs and smiles to everyone here! You are all very special people.

  • Morning I just reread this you know if we had eaten it we would all be suffering from a serious case of gluttony.LOL

    I hope this Years birthday was a better one !!


  • Happy Birthday Foggy, sorry I'm late I was too busy to visit you all yesterday with various hospital appointments. I hope you had a lovely day. I also hope that this greedy bunch saved me a slice of cake...drooooooool ;) :o LBA xxx

  • my oh my what a table you share ummmmmmmmmmmmmm yum yum ty :))

  • Love the idea of the champagne bit how did you guess I loved it ? Was it because my moniker is Rosewine by any chance?x

  • Hehehe like it :-)

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