well i have come to the conclusion that this club i am in is not much fun and i am sur you will all agree ? i hate this place called fibromyalgia and how it makes me feel i never know how i am gonna be from 1 hour to the next !

I cant plan much and if i do weeks before i go i am panicking as i know it is going to be spoilt by fibro as every day there is something some days so much worse than others

I hate it that i cant have both my Grandsons at the same time on my own as it is too much

I hate it that me and my partner cant jump in the car drive out to the country and go for a walk and stop with a picnic and be gone for 6/7 hours !!!

i hate it hate it hate iy ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!

love to you all DIDDLE x

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  • Big hugs to you diddles, its absolute PANTS!! xx

  • yeah thats a good way of putting it PANTS lol ove to you diddle x

  • I call it my pain game of snakes & ladders, up and down

    take care Diddle

    gentle soothing hugs


  • lol thats a good one i will remember that i am on a snake at the minuite lol a bloody long one ha ha love to you diddle x

  • I dont like being in that place either Diddle. I dont know about snakes and ladders, I liken it to a whores drawers, down more than they are up!! Ohh perhaps I shouldn't have said that, its a bit rudey lol xx

    We should have a fibro convention so that we can all be in the same place at the same time, take over a holiday camp for a weekend or something you wouldn't have to worry about spoiling it for anyone then cos we would all be in the same boat. I used to love going walking for hours at a time and having my god children to stay but like you I find it difficult now. They cant understand it either cos they have always come since they were babies in arms. xx

  • Surely whores don't wear any drawers its not worth putting them on!

    That idea of a convention sounds great. Other societies have them so why not us. We are a genuine cause & it would be fantastic to actually all meet & put faces to names especially diddle;)

  • I haven't been on here very often but I like to read what people are saying and I think that a convention is a fantastic idea and it would be great to meet people with the same condition.

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