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Oh! I've been postponed operation that is :)

Ok well I'm already, nerves under control and yep you guessed it just had a phone call from the hospital they have had an emergency admission so I've been bumped next date 25th April. so won't be bionic for another 13 days. :( On the other hand it won't be Friday the 13th any more, :))) so perhaps it is for the best, now i can stop avoiding all those black cats etc LOL I will keep you updated bye for now Sue xx

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oh well it is annoying but at least like you say not friday 13 th love to you diddle x


So sorry to hear that sue,but as you say it won`t be friday the 13th anymore.

You also have a chance to rest after all your jobs you were doing..

Hopefuly you will be like friends I have that have had the op,and me more mobile.So for the moment just kick back and try to relax.

Love and Hugs Butterfly xxxxx


Hi butterfly thanks for comment, tell me have you had hip replacement too and if so how did it effect your FM ? I ask this as my first one was done 3yrs ago and since then I have had to retire through ill-health, I did go back to work but after about 5mths back I was in a state no energy, head to toe pain and couldn't cope..... I am hoping this time won't take another chunk of my life, sorry don't mean to sound so dramatic but what I mean is life changed and got a little harder

love sue xx


I'm so sorry it's been cancelled Sue, It won't be Friday 13th - I had forgotten it was that tomorrow. Think I'll stay in bed lol.

Have a good weekend and I hope you feel ok.

Sue xxx


Aw Sue, all that worrying and for what!!. Still, perhaps you will feel better about going in on the new date. Take care xx


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