Me too, I've been in's Dottii

Me too, I've been in's Dottii

Some of you may have thought you recognised my stupidity, in my fogginess I thought it was a great deal longer since I had last been here, but as I had to change computers, as I now have an iPad I couldn't remember what my password was so I created my new account and name......but I'm still the stupid Dottii hiding in the guise of fogginess,

Hope this hasn't contravened any regulations, if it has let me know and I will amend if I can,

Muchly foggy x

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  • love the pic - I think I need a keyboard like that! :-)

  • Hehe it's rather good isn't it. x

  • Foggy, you made me giggle with the pic!! Classic :)

  • That keyboard was designed especially for the likes of me! :)

    Moffy x

  • It just seemed to fit exactly .......goes off to commission a lorry load of keyboards for her friend here. :-) :-)

  • I got round that problem by cleverly bookmarking a thread of mine and never logging out.... Then i deleted myself trying to update my profile that foiled that clever plan :(


    VG = very gormlus

    Send me and idiot keyboard please.........

  • You is not gormlus. I think your VG stands for Very Generous........with all you give to people here. x

  • They are under construction as we speak. Goes off to organise distribution.........,poddle poddle..........

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