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NO MATTER HOW I FEEL :) :) :( :(

Do you know it doesnt matter how i feel when i come on here i am always amazed at the help and suppoirt i get can give and other people offer to each other it is absolutely heart warming it really is there are so many horrible things going on in this world and horrible people but you come on here and you are immediatly wrapped up in love warmth support and you feel like these people are your friends and they are even though i have only been on here a few weeks i was straight away made to feel part of the community

when i dont come on for for hours or a day i am missed and now i have become the cudse of the carrot cake saga and even been the headings on some members blogs i dont know all of you there are a few newish names well to me anyway but there are alot of you ( you know who you all are ) we have become particularly close in fact i had a pm the other day from a memver wholives about 30 miles from myself and wants to come and have coffee with me on the seafront where i live which is marvellous we are going to arrange this when kids go back to school do you know i am not on face book i hate it nooffence but from what i have seen of it and heard of it it causes alot of trouble and i certainly am not for people meeting others who they have talked to on internet and yet this forum is so not like that i t so safe and we areall connected in the same way so i just want to say THANKYOU to all of you on here especially the members who iam in regu;lar contact with for making me a much better person and helping me to understand this awful illnesss that i have been chosen tio have and making me feel like that i am not alone and 24/7 i have got someone to talk to me and who understands me

we dont all agree with evryone and we all have our ownopinions on yreatments /meds etc but we are all here together on this site to help one another through and to make each others daily lives just that little bit better

with much love to all of you and i really DON'T know where i would be without all of you and your continuing support

Love to you all DIDDLE x

p.s now that deserves a bit of carrot cake !!! :)

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it called support, and thankfully thats what this forum gives, its a lonely illness that few people understand, its good to talk, now dont eat all that cake


no i wont and yes support thats definately what its caklled and what i will want soon with all this cake will be tipping over lol love diddle x


ur so right diddle.. i always feel better after being on here.... my lovely new friends .. hugs xxx


Iv only been on here since yetserday and have noticed how nice and friendly this site is :-)


Well said Diddle, i have only been on hear for about a month and i dont think i have missed a day reading your blogs, they really cheer me and i think everyone else up. Keep your blogs coming. :-) xx


That is lovely Diddle, I have only just started using this site and everyone has been so helpful and supportive so I fully agree with you Diddle

hugs Penny xx


:-) Such a lovely post!


:) like :) xxxxxxx


Well said Diddle, I think we all sound as though we have struggled on for so long with this damn illness and now it feels normal cos there are so many of us and we can all associate with each other. At least we don't all have bad days together which makes it easier to support each other. I have been more accepting of things over the last few weeks because I know I am not alone and as you say, even if you are having a bad day you can always see someone who is worse off than you. I wish I had this level of support over twelve months ago when I was going through all my tribunals etc.

Hope everyone sleeps well, Love Angela xx


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