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Hi i just thought that i would let you all know that it is not good for me to eat a whole carrot cake a day and nothing else and i dont want to encourage anyone to do the same ther is nothing better than a good healthy balanced diet and yes i know i havent got one but thats me and i dont want anyone else to do what i am doing as it is not good or clever and i should eat properly as my GP is always telling me and my parents and my partner and my kids they all know what i am like so i just wanted to let you know that i will eat the remaining 2 carrotcakes (cant waste them lol) then i will try to promise to eat a more normal regular diet i think that woiuld also benefit my health too

but thankyou all so much for all your lovely funny comments we have all had a good laugh if nothing elsebut please do as i say not do as i do i dont want you all going to your GP saying well diddle eats them every day lol and she is ok ????

love to you all diddle x

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Dont give them up completely diddle, a little of what you fancy is good for you. xx


yep a little not a whole lol still could be worse could be huge cake it only a little onewell thats what i am telling myself go in poundland and check them out for yourself

unless they are all being shipped to the lowestoft one as some random woman keeps buying them by the box load (wonder who that can be ????) mmmmmmmmm love to you diddle x


thank godness for that i would not have slept tonight if you had not have forgiven me lol thats funny i dont sleep anyway hah ha ah what a wolly i am lol i confessed for nothing only joking have a nice evning i going in a bit want to sit down early and my daughter wants a bth run for when she gets in at 5.30 as she meeting her nanny anfd grandad on her dads side for tea they idlolise her spoil her rotten she love sthem to bits too so that s nice and i get on with them too love to you diddle x


Hiya Diddle, I think we are all guilty of knowing what is good for us but doing the opposite. Joking aside, there are times when I cannot get enough chocolate and I hate what I am doing but seem to have no control over it. And yes, some days I eat nothing but chocolate!!.

Have not long come back from GP tonight and we talked about my weight again, she insists my weight has to come off!!. I'm scared to tell her about my addiction as I'm sure she is under the impression that I always eat healthily - well I do sometimes. But when the craving comes over me thats it, whatever the size bar I have has to be eaten. I have been known to polish off a large box of thorntons in one sitting too.

Your daughter has a lovely mummy getting the bath all ready for her when she comes home, Its nice when you have a close extended family and get on with them.

More on the carrot cake front tomorrow I hope! take care Angela x


I wonder what carrot cake tastes like without the carrot but thats the healthy bit ?


lol dont know but just had a whole cake again and it was lush got one more left then gona find something else i get bored after couple weeks i have phases on stuff do you ? love diddle x


chocolate cake lovely, not healthy but who cares just got to be done

some times

go for it diddle eat your cake

love viv


i will go out to asda in mornin and stock up on ginger cake flap jacks warm them slightlyin microwave and double cream lush love diddle x


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