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I had a really lovely day yesterday at my parents house with all my family it was a wonderful day mum done a full on christmas dinner the only thing missing was a cracker

it was lovely i over dosed on mums cooking and then few hours later the tea table was set again fit for a kings banquet with every meat /picle etc you can think offf bless them the alcohol was flowing well for my dad/partner/bro in law none of others relly drink so that was nice then mum bought out the lemon rouladde /home made trifle and gataex so i had to have a sample of each just to make sure they were ok !!!!!!

anyway we got home at 9 pm so not too late been there since 12 i was worn out

they all sat in lounge and were asking me about fibro which was nice as i dont often talk about it but i did open up and they were ll lovely and took everything i said on board i think it done us all good

my dad bless was it can get better you know it can be a 5 year cycle and i just said yes maybe and hopefully my mum said to me he jus wishful thinking isnt he and i said yeah but it may do i dont know how i will be in next half hour so just go hour by hour.

love to you all diddle x

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so glad you had a good day, its hard to explain to people how fibro works, Im still trying to figure it all out myself, all those lovely cakes sound really good, I love an old fashion tea, my aunt always used to lay on a full spread if I went around, angel cake salmon sandwiches the full works the little doilies, that was back in the 60s, how i miss those days


thats lovely to have all those wonderful memeoriesmy nanny oo used to do that viennesse whirls from mand s and beef paste from mand s and there ready salted crisps ith anchor butter and salmon it used to be really lovely you now reminded me of lots of lovely memories when i was small so thankyou for that i got really big smile on my face bless ya love diddle x


glad I put a smile on your face, its good to have good memories


awww Diddle that food spread sounds just like what my old mother in law used to do. we'd visit for a roast lunch and at 5pm out came the "high tea". trouble was we'd still be too stuffed from the big lunch to enjoy yet more food!

anyway, glad to hear you were able to talk about your fibro with the family. hope it all helps in the longer run.


Hey Diddle, wonder if your lack of sleep is being compromised with too much sugar which is giving you a high?? Not that I notice mind you, can't remember what a high feels like lol xx


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