Are there indicators that can be used to determine whether what we suffer from is not ONLY Fibromyalgia, but M.E. or CFS also?

I don't know if it is down to me forgetting most of anything I read within 5 minutes after reading it, or if it is truly a big hazy area that no medical websites want to properly address, but I have seen a long list of symptoms of M.E. on a special M.E. website that was not linked to a medical site, and all of my symptoms were on there--every one, including the ones that my GP claimed are emotional which I have never seen on any Fibromyalgia list of symptoms.

There seems to be no information on proper medical websites that would help someone understand this or give any very useful information about it. Someone even told me that thre's no use looking for a ME diagnosis anyway, as Fibromyalgia is 'at least' a condition that has a proper diagnostic test so more medical people acknowledge that it exists.

Please, can anybody tell me whether it is reasonable to ask for and get an assessment for whether we have both conditions, and if I were to be diagnosed or have it confirmed as a likelihood, would anything change about the way I am offered treatment through the NHS?

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  • Hi

    I think there are links between the too. M.E, Fibromyalgia and HMS (hyper mobility syndrome) all have overlaping symptoms. Sadly many GPs, even some Consultants, are poorly educated on the three issues. I am not sure who would be best to ask for an assessment. Mine was done at the Pain management clinic for the Fibro, and the HMS by the Rheumy.



  • Two not too....sorry..fibrofog :-)

  • Hi I have both chronic ME and Fribro as well as other bits related ...............but sorry cant tell you how they came about to diagnose it i went to the ruhmo and they did it both... O.o sorry not much help

  • I have fibro, and I assumed that the fatigue that I have comes with the fibro. I never thought there could be 3 other complaints as well!! XX

  • You have given me some useful info that the Rheumatologist diagnosed both at the same time. I need to bring it up with a new gp and then ask to be referred to Rheumatology as I have not been to them since my fibro diagnosis several years ago. I think that was a pretty quick appointment and she just tested for the tender points, and arthritis, which she did not find. She found most of the tender points were sore. Will definitely go back if I can.

  • I believe the conditions are very similar and some forms of MS also have a lot of overlapping symptoms with Fibro and ME.

  • In case it's of use - in a quick (aren't they all?) related discussion my GP said FMS and CFS are on a continuum, the same spectrum... So it makes sense for Rheumy to diagnose both.

  • My problem turned out that the local Rheumatologist who runs the local CFS/ME clinic as well, believes this is a psychosocial or (insert other word here) illness, and treats it with CBT and GET. This is the person I was going to be sent to for a diagnosis of ME. He also refuses anyone with Fibromyalgia from the clinic or assessments. He states in his referral instructions that Fibromyalgia is the opposite end of the spectrum from CFS. I would steer well clear of this kind of doctor/clinic/treatment, even if I hadn't read other patients comments on forums saying that he was arrogant, sarcastic and rude to them. He has stated in articles that these illnesses are caused by wrong illness beliefs, for example.

    It is very difficult to locate a Rheumatologist who does not have these views. They do not state their orientation and beliefs about the illness publicly... I had to search for awhile to find his statements, as they did not come up right away when you google his name, but they are there.

    It is very important that any professional we see has an orientation toward treating this as a real biomedical illness, because current research demonstrates that it is. That psycho-social model is based upon psychiatric theories.

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