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fibro flare

having a really rough time at moment, not long been diagnosed and still getting head round all the crap stuff we go through but over last few weeks have been having a major flare up. hubby has just had a hip replacement op and so am trying to look after him and the house and 2 teenagers who forget they can help or even do stuff for them selves. don't mean to come on and moan but its good to have feedback that others go through this and any ideas on how to make things better would be greatly appreciated. im having major problems with my left shoulder and don't understand why cos im right handed even my movelat gel doesn't seem to be taking the pain away or helping with movement

gentle hugs people xx

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ive got teenagers too ,one is very good at helping and the other well we wont mention her lol :-D

maybe go back to gp to ask about your shoulder they might beable to give you somthing for it ,or maybe a nice heat pad could do the trick ,

hope this helps ,tc xxxx


fibro pain just goes where it wants, hands, shoulders, backs, legs. If you are getting restricted movement go get checked you havent sprained something. I had a frozen shoulder for a year because I fell off my pillow in my sleep lol - go figure. Have a family conflab - draw up a rota for the chores, include hubby on those things he can do with reasonable ease, and get teenage kids off their arses. Threaten with no help = no dinner, no laundry, no money, no tv, no computer time, whatever it takes. You cant do it all. the more you try and be superwoman, the more the fibro will flare. be honest and tell them they have to help, or they all have to pay for a cook and a cleaner


I agree Wanita i have a 21 yr old who hardly does anything and i am so fed up of his moody response when i ask so i have been advised by my counsellor to write some house rules even for his age.

You cannot do it all, i havent done much today at all but i just had my shower and my back has seized, im writing this is a weird position (its ok im sat on my bed lol)but there is nothing i can do til it eases a bit and i feel like screaming with the pain in my left shoulder,

I am right handed too, but hurt it 2 yrs ago and pushed the bone up to high so had to have bone scraped away but it hasnt solved the pain, so get it checked out if its frozen shoulder as mine may be now, you need to know.

I hope you get some help hun! Hugs x


Hope you feel better soon

all the best



hi you have got alot on your plate at min no wonder you feel as you do and doing everything too well you need a family meeting you need to collar your kids and spread the work between all of you explain it to them why even show them this site may help love to you diddle x


I can understand your predicament, as it is all too real to me too. I am a single parent of two boys, one is 21 and the other 16. The eldest does nothing whatsoever in the bungalow, saying that he does sometimes tidy his own room, and the youngest is about the same.

The eldest one will sit and watch me struggle to iron, I am right handed and my right shoulder has very little movement and causes considerable pain to move and use my right arm which tramadol and gabapentin don't even touch.

I have asked and asked my sons to do more to help, and when it is being discussed they agree but it still comes down to my parents, who are in there 70s to come and help me. My dad does my gardening and cleans my windows, my mum does the hoovering, washes floors and does whatever ironing is there when she comes. They are briliant. However, it makes me feel awful that they have to come to help me when there are two sons who should take on more responsibility.

I know the eldest works but he just stays in bed til its time for him to go to work, the youngest is taking his GCSEs but he could still take his glass through to the kitchen and small jobs like that!

Sorry to go on. Just makes me feel that I'm running a B & B and not just their mum!




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