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Horrible pain

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This may or may not be fibro related (I think that the horrendous pain was though!) but wanted to share! I have had really painful and heavy periods for a while. GP checked all my hormones, etc and all is fine in that respect. She recommended the coil to help with the periods. I did some research and found that the coil does help with period pain and flow so I thought I would try it. I had to have my smear done around the same time so I asked if I could PLEASE do both at the same time (I find smears very uncomfortable, I know everyone does but I nearly end up in tears every time I get one - the scraping to me is as bad as fingernails on a chalkboard!!) as this would make sense as she was in that area anyway! the GP agreed to do this (was a different GP who I know that does the family planning stuff). So anyway, I went in to have it done. Doc came to talk to me and said lets do the smear first then do the coil. We chatted about why I was getting the coil (I don't need it for contraception as I had a tubal ligation many years ago) and so then we went to do the smear. I told her that I really struggle with them and she was very gentle with the speculum. BUT, she couldn't find my cervix to do the smear, and certainly couldn't put in the coil if she couldn't see the cervix. I shifted myself around as much as I could and she "rooted around" down there for a bit. I was nearly in tears by the time she stopped! She is sending me for a scan (on 24th April - so fast for the NHS! lol!) to make sure everything is okay as when she did an internal examination I found that very painful and I was bleeding (I was mid cycle so should be no blood!). She also found I have a vaginal prolapse. She explained that it was the "least worrying" of the types of prolapse you could get.

So anyway, suffice to say I have totally gone off of wanting to have the coil fitted now. Doc did give me some tablets to help with the pain (specifically aimed at painful periods so fingers crossed!!). I'm really nervous for the scan! Worried about what they might find!

Thanks for listening - if you got this far! Just wanted to ramble a bit with my fellow fibromites!

Gentle hugs!


5 Replies

Ive got a womb that tilts backwards a partial prolapse of vaginal wall and also find a smear really painful, ive had 2 coils fittied one went awol and couldnt be found, I had to have a scan to find it and have it removed, I found my bleeeding heavier, hope your better soon

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Hi, sorry to hear about the problems you are having, I hope all is ok for you.

Since I started my periods at the age of 12 I had major problems, had to go home from work every month the day I started as I was in so much pain, this carried on after i had my one and only child and I ended up having a hystorectomy at 41. The pain comsultant I have now tells me that the problems I had experienced through the years was all linked to the FMS.

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i started my periods at the age of 12, they were always agony for the first couple of days, in fact when i had my son ,( much later lol,) The contractions werent so bad! but the only thing that helped them was the pill, in fact i even was diognosed them after i had been steralised.But the doctors back then would never give you the coil if you suffered from painful periods or heavy ones, so things have changed a lot.? so confusing. god bless, sending love and hugs, xx

one of my best friends had that and also cysts and she has a hysterectomy 3 weeks ago by keyhole and she feels like a different woman already she is 45 i do hope they sort you out love to you diddle x

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ive had quite similar problems aswell ,prolapse ,heavey periods ,so painful i could hardly walk sit down ,i didnt know what to do with myself every month :(

luckily i did have a coil fitted and dont know why i didnt get it sooner ,its so much better in that area ,

i hope you can get everything sorted ,cause its horrible having to cope with this aswell as fibro ,good luck ,hugs to you xxxx

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