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why is fibromyalgia so horrible and why do most of us have more the one health problem with it why is that this damn disease is such a pain

i am sat laid up yet again and i still find it hard to believe i have this afwful thing, initially started of with rheumatoid, then fibromyaligia now i have osteo aswell as being diabetic and asthamatic, also suffered with painful periods and heavy blood loss (thank god i listened to my consultant and had merina coil fitted), but now makes me wonder if even this is all related , i would just like a day as i suppose you lot would to, were i have no pain and i have a full 6 hours sleep x

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You poor thing, I am lucky, well not lucky I have fibro and nothing

Else, no that's no true I do have asthma but I have had that since

I was a child, and to tell you the truth it has got better with age and

I don't know what it would be like without it

You certainly have a Lot to put up with life is so unfair you sound

Like you are still young as well.

I hope you feel better soon.

Fibro is a b...... and the pain well I don't need to say do I that's a b....

As well


Hello Teresa, thanks for your message. I feel your frustration through your message, you poor thing. It can be so frustrating can't it! Fibromyalgia is enough to contend with on its own, but accompanied by other conditions can be very difficult to manage. I have Osteoarthritis and also CFS/ME, I find the exhaustion just as bad as the pain. I have actually forgotten what living without these conditions feels like. We are all in the same boat there I am sure.

I hope your family are supportive of you and also your Doctor. Being supported by an understanding family and Doctor can make a big difference to us managing our symptoms. If you are finding everything hard to manage at the moment, it might be worth seeing your Doctor/Consultant to see if they can help and advise you. :)

Hope you feel better soon Teresa :)


Aah hunny feel for you so much.i have probs in ladies depart.

And have similar probs with periods.

But got sterilized early coz of health.

Chin up not nice.even my mom thinks im faking it.


very much believe a whole host of illnesses are connected with me, it's horrible isn't it? Recommend google "American Autoimmune" and drop down under "The Common Thread" and "Autoimmune Disease in Women". I think it makes a lot of sense! Take care xx


thanks lovely peeps it does frustrate me and anger me , i do have supportive family my husband and sister is amazing with me, my husband is one in a million, i find it hard to listen to good advice i say the opposite when they are helping me , my daughters try and help but i refuse as i think they shouldn't it's my job to take care of them , i am 45 and have been poorly since my early 20's , i have just started using my walking stick as i accept i do need it specially when walking for longer then 10mins , my husband says i should use the wheelchair more often to as specially when we go to the seaside and walk the dog as e says its there for when you are tired , i agree with him but haed to accept i think i do need to chat with my gp but i feel embarrssed n i feel like i am hassling them ooohh god what am i like , i am normally a happy bubbly go lucky person i am always giving others advice i am a good listener so why do i find it so hard for myself to take good advice grrrrrrrrrr xxxx (((((gentle huggg))))) teresa xx


I know exactly how you feel it's so bad having fibro plus osteo I hurt so much am allergic to so many meds I get so depressed how do you all keep going?


i am like that tooooooo madhelen i thinks it's a case of having tooo huni and having supporting partners and family and freinds xx although it's sooo flippin frustrating as you don't know what pain or ache the hurts the most or deal with first xx


Thank you for answering it helps just browsing through this site and knowing I am not the only one..... Sort ofmakes me think everyone on here is trying to get through the day and they do it so ... So can i


don't be so harsh on yourself it's also learning to accept what you have and listening to your body and not pushing it , because if you do you will have double the pain and suffering tomorrow , rest as much as you can even though you get fed up,!!!! try reading, watching your favourate tv programmes or record/skyplus them to more covinient time for you(when you have no chose but to rest), har i know but you will get there i'm still learning, i am at a so-called flare up and each time you get them they are worse then the last one xxxxx take care and gentle hugs xxx


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