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Having a bad couple of weeks put back out now ouch!!

Have Extreme Pain in Back probably sleeping on mat on floor bad idea!

As I have 6 buldging discs not realy a surprise have been a sleep nearly

all day feel a little better in self so will tr rescue excersises learnt at pain

management see how it goes now lots of groans to come.

Fibro bad as well fog bad spelling terrible Oh! Onwards & upwards

Hope every one is having a wonderful Easter

Just thinking what a wonderful place this

Brother Fibromite in Pain


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hi bless ya i been up and awake or other way round since 4.30 am again i really am getting fed up with no sleep i am brginning to really feel drained with about 10 hours sleep dfor the whole week anyway hope that you are ok bless you it horrible this thing love to you diddl ex


Thanks for lovely comments

it is such surport

Gentle hugs



Hi rubberman,

sorry i just noticed your having a bad pain day. :(

I hope it eases soon.

hugs, kel xxx


Thank you Kel

Gentle hugs to you



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