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Having a bad day !!

I got diagnosed 2 weeks ago I think I have had fibro for about 18months, I'm 21 and I used to be a bouncy fun loving person. Slowly that has disappeared due to the increased pain, lack of energy and lack of sleep.

The last two weeks I'm struggling to understand what my body wants. One minuet I'm cold then I'm sweating and hot then I'm tired or wide awake.

I have my first physiotherapy session today and I'm dreading it because I don't know what to expect and I'm a very anxious person and I hate being poked and prided because it hurts so much.

Also got to visit gynaecologist today (nightmare) because since getting fibro 18months ago I no longer get periods. I want to know why because I'm getting closer to the time where I wanna start a family.

How can you be posotive and understand what your body wants and needs.

I never used to eat much and now I'm starving hungry all the time !!! Just having such a bad time

Sorry to rant !!!!

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Know how you feel, was a fit fun loving man till 24 when arthritis wreaked my hips and I had to have them replaced, now 47 with multiple problems including fibromyalgia . Turned into Victor Melldrew lol. Keep your head up, enjoy any goodish days and endure the bad.


Never say sorry to rant on here, Racket! That's what this board's here for - to let off steam, & then find out that you're not the alone & then get the support you need from fellow fibro sufferers. Let us know how you get on at the gynae, I hope it's good news, also, once you get to know your physio, doing the exercises & being prodded & poked will be gentle - I'm sure you'll get a fibro friendly physio!

Big, Gentle Hugs,

Julie xxx


Gynocology oppoinment made my day worse, PCSO been diagnosed so a little upset . Got answers but not the answers I wanted and now going to be taking even more tablets :( off to have a cup of tea and a little cry and then put as mile back on my face for my OH tonight ......thank you Julie for your response and support

Gentle hugs back xxxxxx


Hi again Racket. I'm in my late twenties but have been suffering since late teens. I get what you are saying, it's frustrating and being so young it feels even crueller for this to happen. I also relate to what you say about having a family, I have concerns on that score to. Keep using this forum as having kind empathetic people to talk to really helps. Only you can figure this out but we can all help to support you as you do. Xoxoxo Zosie


Thank you all for your support and responses,

Bad day just got worse been told I have poly systic ovaries. Being put on meds but will need fertility drugs to have children !!! More meds :(


Hi Racket so sorry to hear your news. But at least you can still have children. Try not to be too up set better sorted out now. Have a cuddle and a cup of tea xgins


Hi racket, I have poly cystic ovaries too. Check out the post I made earlier today about vitamin d. The doctor references pcos xxx


Sorry to hear you are having such a rough time - one piece of rubbish news after another ! Try to find out as much as you can , listen to what your body truely feels and rest etc as you need to - i found some of fibro drugs played havoc eith my appetite but you can only tackle one thing at a time so dont be hard on yourself . Lots of love x


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