not pain free but felt "different" this morning!!

I don't know what it was but for some reason I woke up feeling a bit different? I was in pain and hadn't slept great but something was different! I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that in the night when I woke up in pain I actually took some painkillers instead of just struggling through. I think it helped really! Was also nice to wake up naturally and not be woken up by the blooming alarm! Yay for a 4 day weekend!

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  • glad you had a better morning wake up. I often wake around 4am and will take paracetamol if I've not had the full quota during the previous day. I find it helps me and is sometimes worth that extra extra stretch from lunchtime pills to evening pills!

  • Thanks Chris. I do take a bottle of water to bed with me too. I usually manage to forget I have it though! lol! Doc won't give me co-codamol (but I am on a pharmacy load of other meds)! I do buy myself solpadene plus sometimes to take with my tramadol instead of just paracetamol. It seems to help take the edge off. But we are all different, aren't we!?

    You have a good night too! I have a feeling my night is going to be a long one as I really am not ready for bed (even though I was a couple of hours ago)! But I better head off soon!


  • yes co-dydramol is stronger than co-codamol! Dihydrocodeine is even stronger. Sent me into loopy loopy land that one did!

  • hi,

    Amitriptline did that to me. Sent me loopy lol as if i am not loopy already hahahah

  • oh, BTW, christine, what does the "volunteer" after your name mean?!

  • Hiya,

    I take co-dydramol when i need to.

  • Hi,

    I always take water with me to bed too. As i get thirsty in the night just as i get in bed. I don't know why,but i do.

  • Chris, I do exactly the same. Every night take a pint of water to bed with me and have a permanent packet of cream crackers in bedside drawer so that I do not take the tablets on an empty stomach. There;s nothing worse than the acid reflux if you take them by themsleves,; at times,in the past have thought I was having a heart attack, Just wish the painkillers would last all day though and dlo not make you feel like a zombie next morning. I too take Co-codamol or dihydrocodeine. All depends which one I put my hand on first when I fumble in the drawer to find one or the other. Honestly my drawer is like a chemists shop. Wish they wouldn't make you so constipated though Dont know which is worse Diarrhoe (?) and the inflamed bowel which comes with it (that's when the dihydrocodeine really comes into its own and eases that pain)

    or the constipation that comes with the painkillers. Doesn't seem to do much for my FM pain though. Excuse me if this sounds a bit garbled,got a head which feels its going to burst,a swollen face and neck pain............anyone got a gun!! God what we have to put up with. No good crying - no one takes any notice of you.

  • yes I know what you mean! I have always avoided taking anything at night as I don't want to overdo it but if it helps me wake up better then I'm going to do it! I'll see how I go! I usually wake up at the witching hour (3am) and sporadically throughout the night. Stupid illness we have, isn't it! hope you are okay!!

  • oh well what ever it is that makes you feel jus a tiny bit better then its go to worth it love to you didddle x

  • Youre so right diddle!!

  • It was too good to be true - last night was horrible! And this morning, well suffice to say I feel like I've been run over bi a quad bike tag team! But always remember the good times to help get through the bad!!! I had a 4- handed massage once and for about the hour afterwards I had no pain! Seriously!!! It was incredible!!! I've been in constant and unrelenting pain for over 20 years so that experience was truly magical!! Love and gentle hugs!! X

  • I also feel amazing when I have a massage. No pain for ages,such a bonus. Give it a try! x

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