Migraine Auras - two this morning :(

I had a spate of these a few years ago, having never had them before (I have migraines without auras and when I have auras the pain isn't as bad if it's there at all). Then they disappeared. Now they are back again and I can get them every day or several times a week or, like this morning, twice. In fact I was dreaming I had an aura and nobody could hear me telling them I had one and turns out when I woke it was an actual one. Then slept a bit and then woke with one again though not so bad :(

I don't know why they're being triggered again. Maybe need to spend less time on computer.

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  • They are horrible x

    Can you take tablets before they kick in?

  • Thanks Spider. I can with the pain ones but with the aura ones (little or no pain) there is no warning. They just come out of the blue. In fact these came in my sleep! x

  • They are horrible and make me either feel sick or be sick. Good news you don't get pain with them. X

  • Thanks Didoliz. I get the painful ones too but at different times than the classic migraines. I have learned though to take the Sumatriptan early to prevent the worst of them. x

  • HI Guys

    I had a number of issues with this as it was the first big symptom to show Fibro.

    The best tablets i found were called Tolfenamic acid tablets they worked really well, i have taken preventative tablets never worked for me. - i found foods often brought on the big attacks especially cheese

    Horrible Keep plugging on

  • Thanks Paul. Did the tablets work for the auras? I find Sumitryptan help for the painful ones but I have no warning with classic migraine and there is little pain but they are quite frightening because I can't see properly until they have passed off and even see the aura with my eyes closed

  • Hi

    Yes they help very well with the aura the only issue is you have to take them when you know your having an attack rather than as pre-emptive method. i had a awful episode when i was driving home from wales Blurred vision, Flashing Lights, with Paralysis of my right side including arm.

    I tried Sumitryptan, armatripaline, various other anti-depressants the only one i would stick with was the tolfenamic acid. the light never made much difference to my attacks. i haven't drank for 3 years due to it as that always brought them on. looking at the screen doesn't help the worst episode i had were at work. i often dont get a headache just the aura.

    Keep going touch wood i haven't had a migraine with aura for nearly a year. but my pains have increased significiantly

  • Sorry to hear about the increased pains Paul.But glad you're not getting those with auras. I usually get that sort of migraine with the pain which is horrid if I don't get it in time but it is less scary than the flashing lights. I have no warning with those, in fact I was asleep and was dreaming of them, only to find out it was real! But I think too long on the screen is definitely a trigger. I must keep the time down but not always easy when your whole life virtually is on computer, lol. Weirdly I had pain in my arm and bad acid reflux last night. Not sure if coincidental or connected.

  • Could be a symptom. I really struggled with the migraines and i hope they get easier for you.

    Its so hard nowadays as everything involves a screen of some kind, I just wish that i knew which days are going to be better days and wish i could have a day without any symptoms.

    Has anyone found any of the types of therapy that work

  • Thanks Paul. Wish you all the best with yours too.

  • It might be worth trying a magnesium supplement for a few weeks to see if that helps. A magnesium and calcium tablet taken last thing at night ( it can make you drowsy), is worth trying.

  • Thanks MariLiz. I do take magnesium supplements when I remember! I am a bit erratic though as keep forgetting but off to take one now :)

  • Hope it helps? They helped me, but I'm now on pizotifen as a preventative medication. It doesn't stop all migraines but when I do get them they are less severe. I also take pink migraleve tablets at the start of the aura. I've become quite good at predicting the onset, my eyes always feel a bit unfocused before the aura starts. It always begins with me with a small speck of disturbed vision, before developing into a circle of zigzagging lights. These spread out gradually until they disappear off the edge of my vision. It usually takes 20 to 30 minutes before it clears, then the headache starts.

    Hope things improve for you? My trigger foods are cheese, wine, chocolate, oranges and eggs, if this helps?

  • Thanks MariLiz. I take Sumitriptan at the start of a migraine which helps the severity but sometimes I'm unable to tell if it's just a headache or will become a migraine. The auras just come unannounced although if I am awake then yes I do get a warning. Not sure if Sumitryptan would help with aura side of things. I will ask the GP next time I see her. But when it happens in your sleep, what do you do?! I think too long on the computer is a trigger for aura but haven't found a pattern with foods. Wine is definitely a no-no :( But triggers for migraine used to be hormonal (but I'm menopausal now) and also fatigue and travel. x

  • Yes, I was put on the preventative medicine because I was getting so many during the menopause. Tiredness is definitely a trigger, and if we go abroad for a holiday I often get one on the first day of the holiday. They are a pain, literally! Xx

  • Yes, me too (getting them on holiday). I've not been abroad for years but even somewhere else in UK I always get one after travel and being more fatigued with stimulation, stress, change of air, not knowing whether I will get enough rest etc x

  • Having suffered from migraine since a child I still find the only way to deal with these attacks is to lay down in a dark room and try to sleep it off. Indifferent to any medication. Horrible illness to suffer from and it looks like fibromyalgia and migraine go hand in hand. It would be interesting to actually see if there is a connection, so many seem to suffer from both. You have my every sympathy. Take care. Sending love 💚

  • Thanks kindly Lizzy-m. Yes it does seem that Fibro and migraines occur together. Very sorry that you've had migraines since childhood. Mine begin in adolescence, coinciding with puberty but got a lot worse later. The auras didn't appear until late 40s/early 50s. Bright blessings to you x

  • Mine began at around twelve years old, with puberty, as you say. I've had the aura type right from the start though. The worst ones were when I was in my late teens early twenties. Sometimes they would last three days. A GP told me they would get better after I'd had children, and they did. I've never been completely free of them though. They seem to run in my family, my Nan, Mum and Aunt all suffered from them. One of my sons gets them occasionally.

    Do hope yours will get better. 🤗Xx

  • Thanks MariLiz. yes, I seem to get both types - with or without aura. But my mum got silent migraines (no pain) just the aura but others in family get migraines but just me with the aura. Glad yours eased a bit anyway after having children. xx

  • They just came back with a vengeance during menopause! X

  • Mine were also at their worse in my late teens early twenties i also had them lasting for days with paralysis. They did ease a good bit after having my children! But they seem to be on the rise again now. Unfortunately my son also suffers from them it was awful when he was a child knowing just how he suffered and able to do nothing for him. We would do anything to take the pain from our children if we could. They really are a curse. Please take care and rest up when you need to. Sending love xx

  • So sorry to hear your son has them too. I do hope yours don't get too bad. They are awful, and unless you're a sufferer you don't fully understand how debilitating they can be. xx

  • Having one of these right now. Have had them on and off for years but sometimes they still have the power to scare me. I get this odd feeling that the world is alien to me. And I too have been woken by dreams of an aura, only to find it was actually happening. I can go months without and then have clusters of them, If I relax and have a glass of water it is no problem and it goes away quite quickly. Sometimes my neck feels really tense,, Oh and often see 'stars' in between times..especially when under stress.

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