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Pain in heel - What could this be?

Last night I woke up during the night with a sharp pain in my heel which went up to my shin. My heel is tender to touch this morning.

I can't see anything physically different on the outside. I have had this before but its just occasionally, been happening more often recently. My fibro pain is mostly in my neck, shoulders and back.

Does anyone have any idea what this may be?

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I cant tell you what it is but can tell you I suffer from it....i wake most mornings with these sharp pains in both feet but worse in the right and when I try to walk it is like stepping on 1000 shards of glass. The pain runs right up my leg. Can go as soon as i sit down or stay with me for the day it differs from day to day.

i too suffer with the pains the back of the neck and sharp stabbing pains in the collar bone may be the two are linked???

Sorry cant be more positive but sometimes it helps just knowing other people experience the same as you and that your not going mad or anything.

Hope the pain eases very soon for you

Take care hunni xxx


Yep, I get it too and always when I'm in bed! I find if I put my foot out of bed onto the floor it usually goes away. I think it's all part of the muscle pains we get.


I get it too this morning it was so bad I was hopping nasty sight but hay had to do it till I could put foot down. It is as if the tendons and muscles shorten and until they have restretched it is no fun.

With hugs xgins


It may possibly be plantar fasciitis. This is where the plantar muscle under the heel along the foot is being stretched too much. If diagnosed, you may need heel inserts, and injections in the foot with cortical steroid. Mine is now chronic and long term, as both these options failed for me. The longer you stand or walk, the worse it gets.


its gotta be a fibro thing hasnt it, I get it too and its quite painful....Dee x


hi all yes I have plantar fasciitis and have had it about 10 or 12 years or more have had heel inserts and injections in one heel and refused to have other one done I couldn't put my foot to the ground for a week and it is like walking on broken glass its also known as POLICEMANS FOOT LOVE AND BUBBLES TO ALL XX


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