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Has pregabalin helped you? Or not?

Hi everyone ,just wanted to ask what peoples experiences of pregabalin are?I have only been taking it for a fee days,I slept a little better for the first time in years but I am shattered in the day ,at the moment I am only on 1 ,3 times a day,in. s few more days I can try 2,3 times a day,then see my g.p.

My daughter takes garbaptine helps the severe spine/neck pain she suffers but makes her shattered,not good when you work full time.

I take slow release diclofenic,co Co-codamol 30/500mg amitrypyiline 100mg at night,I have tried sleeping pills but with no relief,I have stetoid injections in my hips which do help but only lasted 8 weeks this time round.

Any input would be great as I am only just learning at fibromyalgia ,if I left my gp I would not have a clue.

Thanks in advance ,Sandy.

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Did write a reply but it Its not worked for me on its own, I have been prescribed duloxatine ontop as they are supposed to work well together. Everyones different, and the effects of one my not be the same for another, when i fist tried it i was out of sorts for the first few days but it soon wore off, i take 75mg twice a day, along with duloxatine 60mg once a day, diazapan twice a day and zomorph twice a day although i am currently being weaned of that ready for fentynal patches 25mg per day. I hope it works well for you, some people have had success with it, it is stronger than gabaptine though.

Blessings Willow


Yeah,I don't know what is going on I have posted s fee replied that hsve disappeared,I haven't heard of the other meds apart from diazapan.

Is zoromorph morphine,I was given oramorph but had to stop taking it as it made me very angry.

Thank you for your input.Sandy.


Hi Sandy I have been taking pregablin for about 5 yeas now. I usually take 3 x 150mg daily increased to 4 times if needed. I take an inflammatory tab as well cant just remember the name, but in general it works well.

Jax xx :)


i was on pregablin 300mg twice a day but have had to come off them as i have put on 2st i now have a butrans pain patch but still in a lot of pain i think it a lot of trail an error to get the right sort of meds to suit you as we all have different levels of pain.

syl xx


Hi, i am on pregabalin i am taking 100mg a day was up too 250mg a day but had a lot of the side effects. The 100mg that i am now on doesnt really do very much for the pain but i have noticed since coming down the doseage i am getting a lot more burning sensations so it must have been working for that.

Jo xx


Hi there thank you for your replies,the weight gain thing is s worry for me. i have just started a calorie controlled diet and in week one I lost 2 pound and then put on 1 pound,I will give it another week or so but will have to stop taking it if i put on more weight I only have 10lb to loose so I don't want to put more weight on.

Thank you again Sandy.


hi nanny4 i take pregablin it dose work for some people i was on a high dose but had to come down to 125mg 3 time a day because of side afacts but u no y have cut down it pain v side? please do not take this bad but it pain v weight/ side afacts. when you come of meds compleatly you no that the med u was on work smiling&gentle hugs dave


Hi Dave,thanks for your reply,yes I see what you mean,you can't really win can you,I have only been on the pregablin a short time and I have suddenly put on half a stone ,I am hoping that I stop putting on weight or I will have to stop taking them,I suffer with water retention already,don't need it to get any worse.

I put on nearly 3 stones having cancer treatment and managed to loose most of that,to be putting on weight now is a nightmare,I have managed to keep it of for a year and a half.

I will just have to see how it goes,thanks again,Sandy.


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