Thanks :)

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone who posted on my other blog.

Loving the quote about a new book , that's exactly how it feels .

After the high I felt yesterday I was woken to some sad news this morning , one of my aunties has died . It's upset me a little , we weren't close but it's still sad as so many of them are now in their 80's and it seems to be a funeral a year at the moment.

I woke up with an IBS flare this morning too, which is no doubt a reaction to yesterdays high ! You gotta love this condition - Not !

Hugs to all


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  • IBS just loves to jump on the 'feeling low' bandwagon. I suffer myself so know how it feels. Take up position on the sofa, laptop in hand, peppermint tea in the other hand and watch some telly. You'll be fine tomorrow. Feeling for you and sending gentle hugggsss

  • Sure does Julie , I've been jealously guarding the bathroom all day , nobody else is allowed in unless they promise to be quick !



  • Hi your welcome it is nice to support and comfort each other at various times when we need it. so sorry about your aunt but i am the same had 3 funerals last year an already been to 2 this year as you get older it gets worse doesnt it but 80 ,s is a good age isnt it so be thankfult that they got to that age i hope i do lol x i am sorry your ibs is bsd but like you say another effect of yesterdays events combined with fibro yes its great this condition i dont think i have one day the last 2 years where ther has been nothing wrong with me what an awful thing to type but its true ! sometimes silly things but still something , anyway you take care love to you diddle x

  • Thanks diddle , I think I'd had to keep it all inside for so long it was actually eating away at me. I'm just glad it's all over.

    My mum is the second youngest of 12 children and there's a big age gap between her and the eldest ( almost 20 years ) or was as eldest aunt died a few years ago. So it's inevitable that now the rest of them are 80 + funerals will become a regular thing I guess.

    I've forgotten what it's like to feel well for a whole day , I went out with my son on Tuesday and couldn't get out of the house til 1 pm , had to wait for various meds to take the edge off the pain.

    Hope your wibbly wobbly legs don't give you too much trouble today :)


  • Sorry to read your Auntie has died Helen.

    I've had 4 children here today, one went at lunchtime and 2 more have just gone and I am cream crackered! Think I might go to the shop and get some chocolate! :)

    Very glad to read everything else was sorted too......except for the IBS flare up which as you say, is probably an after effect of recent things going on and yesterdays high. xxxx

  • Sue you deserve a very large bar of chocolate ! 4 children is my idea of a nightmare !

    Feet up , cup of tea, bar of chocolate ... and breathe !



  • Thanks Helen. Had a Yorkie bar and feel a bit sick now if I'm honest lol.

    As soon as this one goes in half an hour, my voddie is waiting for me!! :) :) xxx

  • Sorry to here of your loss and that you had a tough time today take care hun. Lou x

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