Thanks you guys

For advice. Now I can relax, looking forward to Christmas! I can feel it coming and it's going to be great! Grandsons x2, my girls +1. Seeing happy faces, opening pressies! Short on ££ like everyone else, but I start early in the year, take time and think about my choices. I'm housebound now and thank you God for the internet! I can browse, do my own shopping in my own time. My daughters +1 always beg for socks! :) Sign of the times. The children always come 1st obviously. Everyone (over the age of 18 lol) chips £ in for the food. Daddy (aka +1) may like a couple of beers, but none of us are bothered much about drinking so that saves a on spending. 1 week to go. I hope you all have a good time too. :) Tulip xx

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  • That sounds perfect to me, and I sincerely hope that you all have the most wonderful time over Christmas.

    All my hopes and dreams for all of you.

    Ken x x

  • thank you Ken, wishing you a happy Christmas too Tulip xx

  • Sounds like a great christmas to me too have a very merry Christmas xx

  • Cant wait, happy Christmas to you! Tulip xx

  • Sounds good to me as well. Have a great time with your family.

  • Thank you I'm sure we will. Wishing you happy Christmas too! xx Tulip :)

  • Sounds great, Family get togethers are the best, be it big or small. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas :)

  • Totally agree! Happy Christmas to you! Tulip xx

  • It sounds as though you are going to have the best type of Christmas with your family around you much more precious than money.x

  • SO true!! Wishing you a happy time too Tulip xx

  • Happy Christmas to u too xx hope all your dreams come true x

  • I think my dreams are relatively modest, which gives me confidence :) I think I've just woken up to the idea how close we are to Christmas! I know not everyone can enjoy this time of year for whatever reason. For me, I can focus on things most precious, like my family. For that I am most grateful. Tulip :) xx

  • Thats a lovely thing to say and yippy6 days to go xxx

  • Yeh, go for it!! I get a phone call every evening now, just before their bedtime, from my grandsons just to tell me how many sleeps there are to go 'til the big day! I'm caught up in it now, I feel about 5 years old! It's such a nice feeling. Have a good one! :) Tulip xx

  • Lol I wd love grandkids one day i hope lol xx

  • Highly recommended. You get all the fun, none of the hassle! My daughter and her OH are good parents, love parenthood, and i'm hoping they wont stop at 2. Money is always an issue. My elder daughter wants her own family, but she wont settle until she finds the right guy. I'm proud of her for that. She had her childrens' names picked out when she was 12! :) I know it's tough for her, her younger sister has the life she wants. I tell her, she will get there. Never know what's around the corner. Response:- "Yes mum, I do, another corner" Happy families! Tulip xx

  • Lol my daughter is 23 shes the same all her friends have babys shes only one thats not got any and she says she will when the right guy comes along to xxx

  • Good for her! Better to wait a bit, get it right 1st time. My youngest is lucky, she found hers at a young age (17). Her sister is now 27. I'm sure it will work out. I'm sure your daughter will get there too. New year coming up! Lets hope it will be a good year for romance ! :) Tulip xx

  • Lovely plan. I'm glad you have it all worked out and are having a stree-free holiday. I wish you joy on Christmas, celeberating with your family. May everyone be on their best behaviour!

  • I'm sure they, or we, :) lol, will be good children for Santa :) Wish you a good one too! Tulip xx :)

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