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i hate snow

well all my friends are oooh snow ,, but its occured to me this year i have a problem i didnt have last year ,, now anyone who has had the joys of pushing a pram in snow will know it aint easy and on odd occasion child in buggy can tip and be face first ( it was only the once 18 years ago so off the nspcc speed dial ) lol ,,,, sooooo im looking at my wheelie zimmer and calculating the odds off me doing the same ,,,,,wheelchairs are not exempt from this problem ...

so to recap ,,,, i hate snow !!!!!!

oh i forgot good morning :))))

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me too !!!! praying that i dont get it xx


We've had rain and more rain with a bit of sleet added for good measure but it's stopped for the moment. xxx


my neice is in bradford they have over a foot of snow ,, my son is in halifax the town centre is deserted nearly a foot of snow ,, and my mate in huddersfield is snowed in ,, im due in manchester tomorrow so im hoping its okay x


yep i used to push my grandsons buggies in the slush it is so hard it packs up on the wheels they end up twice the size lol love to you diddle x


Do feel for you Mums so glad that I haven't got a pram to worry about Wouldn't have the energy or strength to push it lol, we have light rain at the mo but really chilly.

Hugs Ruby xx


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