Friday fun fact

Hello lovelies, are we all reasonably well this week? No? Well I’ve had an awful week re fibro but I did sleep last night - an occurrence as rare as snow in the Caribbean!! It’s a strange feeling having slept all night for a good six hours as I normally just get a couple of hours from six to eight if I’m lucky. Anyway, that is my excuse for not having Friday smiles on in the early hours 😊

Well this weeks fun fact is food related .... Celery uses more calories to eat than it contains, similarly apples!! So they both have a negative calorific value!!

So a diet of celery and apples should really get the pounds off !! The problem is getting them to taste like cupcakes ..... 🙄🍎

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  • You could bake some apple & blueberry sugar free muffins- maybe add sweetener? I,m pants at baking but would love some recipes for yummy buns n cup cakes that are fat free!

  • Love both but unfortunately my IBS doesn't so don't think it will be part of my dietary intake, lol.

    Fine with cooked apples problem is I think the pastry or crumble would spoil the calorific savings effect.

    When I have one if my better days I do a great batch of Blueberry and orange muffins yummy. Have some already prepared apples in the freezer made from someone's windfalls might try that with some blueberries. Now my tum is rumbling.x

  • They sound lovely can you put how to make them. I'm not the best Baker of cakes

  • I've put the recipe up. I am sure you could use other fruit but of course the orange juice makes them moist. A lady at my book club was persuaded to try a little bit even though she said she didn't like cakes. She eat two and took one home with her, lol! I don't get that horrible sugar high feeling that I get with shop bought ones. The mixing is just gentle blending so easier on the old fibro hands.x

  • Mmm they sound scrummy☺ xxx

  • I'm starting my celery diet now

  • Ewww celery😑

  • I know it might be nice dipped in peanut butter. Mmmmm I might just try that

  • I had a mate she used too dip hers in philly

  • I love celery - it’s the only thing I can have salt on. Only a tiny bit as I don’t like salt I should be built like a racing snake not a wheelie bin!!😂

  • Its one of the few veggies I don't like, even the smell of it😒xx

  • No it’s like Marmite - love hate!!

  • I love marmite☺

  • No !!!! Yuk!!! Hahahaaa!!!!

  • I wondered where you were this a.m. with your fun facts☺glad you had some sleep,makes you feel like a different person I always think. I don't like celery or apples😐but I love cupcakes lol xx

  • Hahahaaaa!! Nice to be missed😊.

  • I'm being healthy I have a veggie bake in the oven I won't worry about the cheese sauce calories lol

  • Yum

  • Its rare I bother for just myself,but fancied sommit nice

  • I am never going to drop the lbs I can't eat apples and I don't like celery :(

  • Awww xx

  • Cooked apples aren’t as good a fresh ones , as for celery it’s dry and chewy and has no taste - why do we eat it ???

  • An stringy yuck! Lol

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