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Snow storms

Well i hope thats the snow storms gone, it was unbelievable last night.

We only sorted the trampoline out from last years storms and its all come apart and at the other end of the garden again lol.

My cats looked like little snow cats when they came in last night and i have opened the door and its freezing out there, so i will be staying in today.

I am aching all over this morning hope its just because of the weather.

Hope everyone has a good day.

hugs, kel xxxx

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oh no kel ,i hope this weather clears off soon ,i hate snow and wind ,so far in norwich its just rain and wind

hugs to you xxx


morning lynz,

I just cant be doing with all this cold after we have had so much hot weather its mad isnt it.

Oh by the way i forgot to take me cocodamol, thats proberbly why i am aching duh lol.

Hope you have a good day, its a nightmare when the kids are stuck in. :(

take care hun, kel xxx


Hope Snow goes soon and warms up for you

just thinking of your cats its funny when they

come in like that.

WE have recently rehomed a British Blue shes

lovely haven't let her out yet

hope your pain eases soon

hugs to you



Thanx bobby,

I love my cats, in fact all animals but i am allergic to dogs. :(

They come and sit with me when i am ill.

Hope your new addition settles in well, they ususally make them selves right at home lol.

I have just realiased i have taken all my tablets but my cocdamol, i got distracted lol.

Hope you have a good day.

hugs, kel xxx


Cheers Kel

you have a good day also




all 7 cats in sitting by the fire, wont go out as its sleeting,Rango the kitten is screaming, he cant mieouw just squals


Omg lally,

7 lol.

I have three and thats enough, i have one that sreams at you constantly. I have to lock him in the livingroom at night as he wakes everyone up, hes a larl bugger. he is a brill mouse catcher though.

the sun is out yeahhhh.

kel xxxx


lol it sounds funny that you have snow e we have got wind and rain and its cold but no snow i was in garden last week in sun lol love to you diddle x


The snow has gone now and its sunny, but very windy and ice cold. I am dreading having to trail up to the shop as partner is working late. :(

kel xxx


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